Google’s FaceTime rival, Duo, is now optimized for iPad


Google Duo
Google Duo was previously at its best on iPhone.
Photo: Google

Google’s answer to FaceTime, an app called Duo, has officially landed on iPad. While iPad users could previously use the app, they had to make do with a scaled-up iPhone version. In its latest update, Google Duo is now optimized for Apple’s tablet.

Duo claims to be the highest quality video-calling app, offering 720p HD video. It also introduced a few innovative features, like the ability to get a live video preview of the caller before you pick up and a video messages feature.

The big advantage it has over FaceTime, however, is the fact that you can use it to make cross-platform calls. While FaceTime is great if all your family and friends are Apple users, Duo is a great alternative if there are a few stray Android users in there, too.

Bringing Google services to iPad

Google introduced Duo back in May 2016. This followed Google’s answer to iMessage in the form of Allo.

As of late, Google seems to be bringing more and more of its services to iPad — or, at least, optimizing them for Apple’s tablet. Back in March, Google brought an optimized version of the Google Assistant optimized to iPad, having previously launched a version for iPhone the summer before.

If you want to download Google Duo, head over to the App Store where it’s available as a free download right now.