Grab Apple’s beautiful iPad Pro wallpapers for free


One of several iPad Pro wallpapers available for free.
This is one of several iPad Pro wallpapers available for free. No strings attached.
Photo: Apple


Anyone in an Apple Store recently may have seen the really spectacular images pre-loaded on iPad Pro models. But now you don’t have to leave your chair to see them because they’re all available to download.

There is a caveat: they aren’t being distributed by Apple, just someone who copied them off a tablet and shared them.

A user calling himself ajsayhello on Reddit AirDropped them to himself from iPad Pro models on display at the Apple Store. “Thought they looked awesome at the store, and they were all just sitting there in the Photos app. I’ve put them on screens all the way up to 21″ (although I would assume they’d look great on the 27″ iMac too). They’re all spectacular,” says his post.

Download these iPad Pro wallpapers

Take a look at them on Imgur to see what’s available. But don’t download them from there because this online service lowers the resolution of image. The original versions are 5464 x 4096 pixels, but Imgur reduces them to 4918 x 3686. 

If there are any you’d like, go to WeTransfer to download all the images files grouped into one 775MB ZIP file. Well, almost; the cool shot of Buenos Aires was left out, but is available here.

These are all at the original 5464 x 4096 pixel resolution. They don’t have to be just iPad Pro wallpapers. Copy them onto your favorite device(s) and enjoy.