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Fox boss says Apple is ‘dabbling’ in original TV


James Murdoch
Apple will need to be patient to succeed.
Screenshot: Recode

Apple is “dabbling” in TV, according to 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch. In an on-stage interview at Recode‘s Code Conference, Murdoch touched on the subject of tech companies moving into original content creation and distribution.

His message? That Apple will need to be patient and willing to fail if it’s going to have a hope of succeeding.

“Going piece by piece, one by one, show by show, it’s going to take a long time to really move the dial and have something,” Murdoch said, referring to Apple’s strategy. “I do think that’s going to be very challenging.”

After going on a spending spree in Hollywood the last eight months, Apple is currently developing around 13 television shows. (Check out our post detailing all of them here.) Despite originally planning to spend $1 billion on original TV programming, Apple will reportedly “blow well past that figure” in total spending on content. In addition, it has acquired a number of documentaries from film festivals.

A big challenge on its hands

Nonetheless, Murdoch points out that Apple has a real challenge on its hands, since television production isn’t easy. Apple may have experienced some of these recently after having to replace show runners on its Amazing Stories reboot after the original show runner experienced creative differences with Apple.

It’s easy to write off Murdoch’s comments as the kind of salty comments often made by established companies when Apple moves in on new terrain. In this case, though, I don’t think he’s being unfair. For one thing, Murdoch’s days as CEO are numbered due to the impending sale of Fox to either Disney or Comcast.

He’s also correct in pointing out that Apple is going to have to be dedicated to original TV to make a dent in this area. Companies like Amazon and Netflix are already way ahead of Apple, while even smaller companies like Hulu have experienced critical success.

As much as I’d love for Apple to succeed, this is the same company which has long treated its Apple TV efforts more like a hobby than a serious enterprise — even though that may be starting to shift.

Do you think Apple can make a success of its original TV efforts? What is the best way for the company to distribute its efforts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Cnet