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Bewitching Starman: Tale of Light iOS puzzle game goes free


nada studio, sl
Moody visuals help make this game memorable.
Photo: Nada studio, sl

What’s better than a great game? A great free game. Thanks to a new promotion from Apple, that describes Starman: Tale of Light, a dream-like puzzle game for iPhone and iPad which now won’t cost you a penny.

Reminiscent of the excellent Monument Valley games in terms of bewitching atmosphere, the game revolves around a space man character who you guide through multiple levels, collecting lights as you do.

These are then handed to a creature in a forest who turns them into butterflies and — okay, that sounds pretty weird, but the game is nonetheless all kinds of brilliant.

The game’s App Store description is as follows:

“In this visually stunning game with breathtaking architectural scenery, you guide Starman through delicate atmospheres and solve elaborate puzzles. No two puzzles are ever the same, so the challenges are always new. Soothing music and haptic feedback enhance the immersive experience further.”

Starman‘s monochrome graphics and brain-teasing design made it a hit when it landed in the App Store last year. Thanks to Apple’s promotion, it’ll now find an even bigger audience than before.

How to find Starman

To download Starman, you’ll have to download the Apple Store app (note: not the App Store app, which is confusingly similar in its name.) You then hit the Discover section of the app and, within that, tap on “Featured App.”

After this, you’ll be sent to the App Store where a code should be entered under the Redeem section, allowing you to download the game free of charge.