Hiya Caller ID and Blocker keeps robocallers at bay [50 Essential iOS Apps #3]


Incoming Scam Phone Call
Spam and Robocalls are out of control and must be stopped!
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50 Essential iOS Apps: Hiya Caller ID and BlockerKnowing when to answer a call from an unknown number is a game of chance. It might be a family emergency, or it might be a scammer trying to rip you off. Hiya Caller ID and Block is a simple iOS app that attempts to determine whether incoming phone calls are telemarketers, spam, or something worth picking up for.

What is Hiya

At its core, Hiya works as a Caller ID application for unknown numbers. Using crowdsourced data, it can identify when an incoming call (generally from an unknown number) is potentially a spoofed number, a telemarketer, or a spam call. This allows you, as the receiver of the call, to know whether or not the call is worth answering. The call blocking feature can also help by automatically sending specific types of calls to voicemail.

Why it’s great

Phone call scams have been in the news over the past few years, looking to gain access to unsuspecting individuals personal accounts or data. With Hiya, you’ll know before picking up if the caller may have malicious intentions. With iOS 10, Apple added the call blocking feature, and since then, several apps have found their way onto the store. Some require subscriptions or in-app purchases to utilize their features, while others simply block incoming calls without notifying the user of the call. Hiya’s customizable actions for various types of calls, paired with their free price tag, makes it the perfect tool for screening incoming calls.

Hiya checks numbers for spoofing and spam
Calls cans can be automatically screened, or checked against the Hiya Database
Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Who it’s for

Anybody that is receiving an intolerable amount of telemarketer, spam, or robocalls will appreciate the features of Hiya. With that in mind, Hiya does collect some data from you as you use their service (Hiya insist it’s for white-listing and not used for marketing purposes), so if you’re paranoid about sharing your contacts with third parties, this may not be the solution you’re looking for.

Bottom line

If you’re tired of getting phone calls from telemarketers, politicians, potential scammers, or other unsolicited callers, Hiya is a great way to screen or reduce those calls. Their customizable actions and ever-growing database make it a great tool for iPhone users.

Price: Free

Download From: App Store

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