Apple investigates iPhone X's incoming call bug

Apple investigates iPhone X’s incoming call bug


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The bugs keep on coming.
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Apple is investigating another iPhone X bug that’s causing users to miss incoming calls.

Some report that their device refuses to wake when a call is received, leaving them unable to answer it. It appears the problem surfaced in December but Apple has only just acknowledged the complaints.

iOS 11 has been plagued by bugs since its public debut last September. Apple has already addressed many of them, but it seems that with the release of every update, a new problem arises. The latest is causing problems for some iPhone X owners.

iPhone X won’t take calls

“While receiving calls on iPhone X, it’s only ringing and vibrating,” one user writes on the Apple Support Communities forum. The display won’t wake until the iPhone stops ringing, which prevents the call from being answered.

This doesn’t appear to be a widespread problem, but it is certainly causing havoc for a small number of users. No one knows the cause, and it seems restarts and other troubleshooting tricks do nothing to fix it.

Apple has promised, however, that it is “looking into these reports.” The company hasn’t acknowledged a problem yet, so we don’t know when a fix will be available — but it is aware there some users are suffering.

Apple recently teased a big iOS 11.3 update that will be available this spring. Its first beta is already available to registered developers and public testers, but it’s not clear if the call issue is present in this release.

iOS 12 will bring big improvements

iOS has become so buggy in recent years that Apple is reportedly dedicated iOS 12 to improving stability and performance. A recent report claimed new features would be postponed while Apple focuses on ironing out the problems in 2018.

Via: The Financial Times