UK Jeweler Offers iPhone 4, iPad Covered In Solid Gold



Got a spare $170,000 lying around? If so, UK jeweler Stuart Hughes will sell you an iPad covered in solid gold that weighs a hefty 5.5lbs.

The 64GB 3G iPad is covered in 2.5 kilograms of solid 24ct gold. “A magnificent combination of top of the industry technology and unrivalled craftsmanship was involved in creating this masterpiece,” the jeweler says. The iPad will be limited to 25 units.

Stuart Hughes sells a bunch of other blinged-up gizmos, including a $33,000 iPhone 4 covered in 150 grams of 24ct gold. It’s a 32GB model without a SIM lock. The gold doubles its weight to about 290 grams. It includes a hand-finished wallet made from Ostrich foot.

No word on whether the gold improves reception, but investing in gold has never been hotter.

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