PencilSnap makes sure your Apple Pencil is never far away


It's a simple magnetic sleeve, but it'll make your Apple Pencil a lot more useful.
Photo: Twelve South

As much as Apple Pencil accessories seem like useless widgets desired to cash in on gullible buyers, the PencilSnap from Twelve South solves a real problem — how do you keep your Pencil together with your iPad? With a paper notebook, you either clip your pen to the cover (good), to the spine (nasty), or just leave it between the pages and jam the book closed around it (what are you? Some kind of monster?).

With the iPad you can’t do any of those. Instead, you’ll have to buy the PencilSnap to take care of it for you.

The Twelve South PencilSnap

The PencilSnap sticks to any case that has magnets
The PencilSnap sticks to any case that has magnets.
Photo: Twelve South

The PencilSnap is a leather holster for the Apple Pencil, one which has magnets inside to attach it firmly to an Apple Smart Cover, Apple Smart Keyboard, or other magnetic case for the iPad Pro. The leather tube is made tight, to keep the Pencil snug inside, so it shouldn’t fall out even if you toss it in a bag.

If you own and use an Apple Pencil, you will be familiar with the problem of stowing and carrying the Pencil. you could keep it in the pen holder on your desk, but that’s no good if you don’t always use your iPad at your desk. So you have to wing it, unless you can attach the Pencil to the iPad.

The PencilSnap is also a decent protector.
The PencilSnap is also a decent protector.
Photo: Twelve South

One of the coolest examples of the iPad and Pencil working in concert is lock-screen notes. When you tap the lock screen of the iPad with the Apple Pencil, it immediately opens a note, so you can start writing or sketching right away. But this super-convenient feature is useless if you have to grub around to find your Pencil. Better to have it attached to the iPad, or the iPad’s cover, at all times.


You don’t have to spend big on a leather sleeve to keep your Apple Pencil handy, though. Last year we covered a magnetic silicone sleeve that permanently slips over your Pencil, and attached it to your Smart Cover. If you just want the functionality without the fetish, that’s a good option.

Buy from: Amazon — $19.99