How to switch Animoji characters after recording


iPhone X Animoji
Switch Animoji characters without ditching your awesome facial performance.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

As a popular phenomenon, Animoji will probably disappear as quickly as Pokemon Go. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, and this tip will make it even more fun. You know how when you record a little Animoji clip, and you wish you’d done it with the robot instead of the cheeky monkey? It’s easy to fix, without having to re-record your whole performances.

The wrong Animoji

Perhaps you have realized that a leering fox isn’t the right message to send to your new intern, 25 years your junior? Or that sending a smiling dollop of faeces to your boss isn’t the best way to call in sick today (pro tip: in this case, none of the Animojis is suitable). The problem is, you just put in the Animoji performance of your life, baring your teeth at exactly the right moment, before turning your head and offering an impertinent wink. It was so good. Shiver.

Switch it up

Switching between characters is easy, even after you record a clip.
Switching between characters is easy, even after you record a clip.
Photo: Apple

The good news is that you can just swipe to select a different Animoji character, even after your made the recording. Just swipe away from the poop or the mean fox, and see how your Animoscar-worthy performance looks behind a robot or a vampire-toothed doggy (go and check — it really does have blood-sucking teeth).

When you’re happy with your new, more-SFW clip, you can go ahead and send it (and save it). You will never again have to share an suboptimal Animoji clip just because you made the wrong character selection at the beginning.

Third-party Animojis?

Animojis are a neat gimmick, and a great marketing tool for Apple, but people will surely get bored of them eventually. Right? Wouldn’t it be neater, then, if it were possible to load in third-party Animojis, just like you can buy iMessage stickers from the iMessage Store? You could send a Mario Animoji, for example.

Things could get super-creepy as soon as a celebrity’s PR person makes their boss’s face available as a 3D avatar for anyone to use, in a misguided attempt at creating a viral marketing campaign.

It will be amazing.