Chatroulette App for iPhone Pulled From App Store



Apple has removed the Chatroulette-like app, iChatr, from the App Store because of flashers.

Apple pulled the app this weekend after eight days because users were inappropriately exposing themselves to strangers while using the app.

I was a surprised it took Apple more than a week to discover this since I knew users would likely give random naked exhibitionism with strangers a try. See my first post about it: Ooooh My Eyes iChatr Chatroulette for iPhone 4.

I found a statement online about the app’s removal from the iChatr developers, as it was given to 148Apps:

The iChatr application has currently been removed from the App Store due to reports of a number of users exposing themselves during the random video chat sessions. We are currently discussing possible solutions to the problem with Apple.

Solutions with Apple about this? They’ve got to be kidding. I seriously doubt they will be able to get around this one, but to be fair you can always fall back to FaceTime and share those intimate moments with someone you know and not some stranger.

The bottom line is that thanks to some jerkoffs there will be fewer people to chat with or opportunities to entertain ourselves on iChatr. That is a shame since if rumors are true we’ll see adult themed dial-in toll free numbers tied to Apple’s FaceTime technology. You’ll get to see a little bit more than a FaceTime test on those hot lines. Apple’s move doesn’t make any sense since people will get what they want one way or another.

Does this mean that Apple will remove FaceTime from the iPhone? I doubt it so why the double standard with iChatr? Will Apple update FaceTime with a modified version of  their facial recognition technology redesigned to recognize more than just faces by adding options that recognize and censor other more intimate parts of human anatomy?

Tell us what you think about all this in the comments.

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