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App Brings FaceTime Chatroulette To Your iPhone


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FaceKandi is a new app that uses Apple’s FaceTime chat to hook you up with real live people to “chat, flirt, make friends or simply have a bit of fun.”

The live, one-on-one FaceTime chat works on the iPhone 4, the iPad 2 and the fourth-gen iPod Touch. The devs say the app does not store your personal data, or record your Facetime ID.

Facelette Is Chatroulette For FaceTime



FaceTime for Mac is pretty cool, but it lacks spice. As Chatroulette amply proved, the thril of cold video calling random strangers is spicy indeed. Who will pick up? A nose-picking teenage girl? A throbbing erection with googly eyes glued upon the glans? A foul-mouthed puppet? If only FaceTime could match that degree of titillation!

Well, now it can, thanks to an enterprising programmer named Zach Holman, who has thrown together Facelette. It’s essentially Chatroulette for FaceTime, pairing two random people together through a FaceTime connection.