Next year’s iPhone will stick with the same Face ID sensor


Michael Cohen Face ID
Apple apparently has sorted out Face ID sensor component troubles.
Photo: Apple

Respected Apple analyst KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo says that shipments of the 3D sensor components for the iPhone X are now stable, meaning that future shipments of the handset — along with next year’s iPhone refresh — should not be subject to delays.

Kuo says that shipments of the 2018 iPhone models will arrive on time and in stable supply this time next year. He also claims that there won’t be a “major spec upgrade” made to the sensor for next year’s iPhone launch.

“We believe the supply of both components are now stable, leaving no need to switch to other solutions,” Kuo wrote in a note to investors.

As a result, Kuo now thinks that Apple won’t switch to a new hybrid lens made of glass and plastics for next year’s iPhone, which he had previously speculated about, since this could add unnecessary production issues.

Kuo’s appraisal that the 3D depth sensing components are now in ready supply adds a bit more credibility to one of his previous assertions — claiming that Face ID will be on its way to the iPad Pro sometime in 2018.

Production bottlenecks

During production on the iPhone X, manufacturing difficulties with the complex sensors reportedly caused a major production bottleneck. As a result, supplies of the iPhone X could be constrained in some places until early next year.

Recently, Apple hit back at statements suggesting that Apple had settled for lowering the accuracy of Face ID, stating that they were “completely false.”

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Source: 9to5Mac