iPhone Upgrade Program means ‘head start’ on iPhone X


iPhone X on its box
Don't delay; get pre-approval today!
Photo: Apple

Apple is giving iPhone Upgrade Program subscribers a “head start” on their iPhone X pre-order. Starting today, eligible customers can begin the upgrade process so that there is no delay in placing their order come Friday morning.

The iPhone Upgrade Program is the most affordable way to buy an iPhone X. It lets you spread out the cost of your iPhone X — and AppleCare+ coverage — over 24 months, so there is no hefty upfront fee of $1,000.

But because you need to pass a credit check, the iPhone Upgrade Program is not the quickest pre-order method. Apple is helping customers avoid a delay by allowing them to get a head start on their upgrade today.

How to speed up the pre-order process

All you need to do is download the Apple Store app for iOS if you don’t already have it, then choose the iPhone X model you want. You can then get pre-approved for your loan ahead of time, allowing you to “speed through checkout” on October 27.

Apple offered the same head start for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus back in September. It doesn’t actually give you an advantage over other customers who aren’t in the program, but it at least puts you on a level playing field by skipping the approval process on pre-order day.

Things to remember

Once you have completed pre-approval using the Apple Store app, you’ll need to use the app again to pre-order your iPhone X on October 27. This only applies to existing program subscribers; you cannot get pre-approval if you’re a new customer.

Finally, you will need to be eligible for an upgrade to complete the pre-approval process now. If you haven’t yet made 12 monthly payments, you’ll have to wait, or pay the difference upfront.

  • This looks like US only. I’m in the UK and we don’t have this option. However, when you order through the IUP in the UK, you simply reserve your chosen phone model and a 15min slot at your local Apple Store and then you do all the credit checks in store, during your slot.

    Do you not book appointment slots in the US and it’s just all done online? This might be the reason why you guys get a head start in the pre-order, as it’s the only option.

  • Michael Gauntlett

    Has this Gone live yet on the East Coast, I still can’t select the X

    • Tony Young

      I haven’t seen it and I’ve been checking since about 7am EST. I have an option that says “upgrade this iPhone” and then i get the “Good News. You’re eligible for a new iPhone” – but i cant actually apply for the credit approval and all

  • It appears you can be “approved” for an upgrade, but won’t be able to ” choose the iPhone X model you want” as the step isn’t enabled.

    • Tony Young

      Were you able to actually get approved as opposed to simply getting a message of being upgrade eligible?
      I am eligible but it didn’t ask for any credit info to pre-approve me again for a new upgrade. Not worrying about picking a phone, just want the credit check to push through so i am able to quickly reserve the phone.

      • Rllewis

        Same here. See no way to do it.

  • rllewis

    I see no way to do this as of 9:20 Pacific Time.

  • Tony Young

    Still nothing

  • Robert

    It suddenly opened up for me about noon Pacific time.