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Ooooh My Eyes iChatr Chatroulette for iPhone 4



Wow I heard rumors this was going to happen, but I thought we would end up with a web app. Instead we’ve got a new free iPhone 4 app (iTunes Link) that kind of resembles the famous Chatroulette website. Sorry, but it doesn’t work on other iPhones since it uses the new front facing camera to set you up with a random chat between users.

It’s easy to use just launch the app and hopefully and I mean hopefully you will be greeted with some nice persons face and not something else that makes you run away shouting, “Ooooh my eyes! My Eyes!” If you see something horrible and still have the strength to move (i.e. you did not turn to stone) swipe the iPhone 4 display and you are on to the next random persons visage to peer at.

You’ll need to plug in some headphones since the app doesn’t currently support the iPhone 4 speakers and you must be connected via Wi-Fi or the app will not work.

If you are afraid to try this out for yourself then please consider checking out this Chatroulette demo by the Mosspuppet. Note that it is NSFW.