iPhone 7s display components leak ahead of unveiling


iPhone 7s display
It looks just like an iPhone 7 display.
Photo: SlashLeaks

You wait months for an iPhone 7s leak and then two come along at once. First, we saw images of what is claimed to be the handset’s new logic board, and now we have photos of a supposed display assembly that looks remarkably familiar.

Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones this year. Alongside the spectacular new iPhone 8, we’re likely to see an iPhone 7s and an iPhone 7s Plus — incremental upgrades over the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus — that will cost a lot less.

Loads of excitement surrounding the iPhone 8 has led to an ever-growing list of leaks about the expected high-end model. The iPhone 7s so far gets less attention, but with Apple’s big unveiling less than a month away, the leaks are starting to trickle in more frequently.

iPhone 7s leaks begin

Earlier today, we published pictures of what is believed to be the iPhone 7s’ new logic board. Now we have photos of a display assembly, courtesy of SlashLeaks, to go along with it.As expected, the iPhone 7s display looks exactly like an iPhone 7 display.

As expected, the alleged iPhone 7s display looks exactly like an iPhone 7 display.

In fact, it’s hard to spot any differences between this panel and an iPhone 7 panel. It looks the same size and shape, and appears to carry exactly the same cables. Bear in mind, then, that this may not be a new Apple part at all.

It’s certainly plausible, now that iPhone 7s components are making their way into the wild. And SlashLeaks has been getting its hands on some juicy photos ahead of Apple’s big iPhone event this fall.

If indeed the images are genuine, they confirm iPhone 7s will be almost identical to its predecessor. Apple is expected to make some nice changes internally, though, introducing its next-generation A11 processor, and possibly even wireless charging.

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