Apple Park campus is almost crossing the finish line


Apple Park drone
Apple Park as it appears today.
Photo: Matthew Roberts

A new August drone flyover video of Apple’s spectacular Apple Park campus shows a headquarters on the verge of completion.

The video, by drone photographer Matthew Roberts, depicts both the circular Apple Park main building and its central garden as virtually complete — with most of the construction vehicles now gone. There are also looks at the Steve Jobs Jobs Theater, visitor’s center, and more.

Check it out below.

Apple’s new campus

The Apple Park campus will house 13,000 Apple employees, the equivalent of 35 fully-filled Boeing 747s. In keeping with Apple’s environmental credentials, it will be an impressively green building, with a focus on sustainability. It also boasts a $75 million gym for employees, and a carefully engineered design intended to create serendipitous interactions between Apple employees.

Despite this, it has received something of a mixed reaction in the press. Wired has criticized the HQ for being a backward-looking construction that’s likely to have a detrimental impact on its surroundings, while an op-ed for Bloomberg compared the new site to Steve Jobs’ not-wholly-succesful NeXT Computer, suggesting that its a hubristic effort on Apple’s part.

The campus was set to be completed earlier this year, although it seems that additional construction work in the form of final touches is still continuing.

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