Why Apple’s making an iPhone Pro, this week on The CultCast


It's time to make the iPhone exciting again.
It's time to make the iPhone exciting again.
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This week on The CultCast: Why Apple’s making an iPhone Pro, a tech-packed cutting-edge phone that will showcase what Cupertino is capable of. Plus: Genius Bar jackpot! (Or, why Apple sometimes replaces your old, broken gear for a brand new model.) And stick around for a super-powerful electric long board, a HomeKit-enabled ceiling fan, and a pro-level keyboard case for your iPad Pro in an all-new Under Review.

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CultCast #293 – Why Apple’s making an iPhone Pro
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Macintosh Jr. has the power to crush the other kids!

Apple’s risky balancing act with the next iPhone

Why Apple sometimes gives brand new products for your old broken one (connected podcast)

  • Have you or a friend ever taken an old product into the Genius Bar, and had them replace that product with a brand new version? Isn’t it great when that happens?
  • Well it turns out it’s likely not cause Apple’s so nice.
  • When Apple develops a new product, they can’t test for everything.
  • When a problem surfaces, Apple may initiate what they call a “Field capture period”
  • During this time, if Apple is investigating a problem with a product, and you bring in a product that exhibits the symptoms of that problem, they’ll give you a new piece of hardware, then send your device back to Cupertino to dissasemble and investigate.
  • Certain kinds of sunscreens dissolving glue in Apple watch backs, causing the back to come off.

Under Review

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