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macOS High Sierra gets a theme song, thanks to a musical fan


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Mann was tickled by macOS's new name.
Photo: Jonathan Mann

When Apple revealed the name of its next macOS update this week, Jonathan Mann — like a lot of Apple watchers — found himself somewhat amused by the “High Sierra” moniker.

If you don’t know Mann by name, you may well be familiar with his work. A YouTube musician and Apple fan, he has composed more than 40 songs about his favorite tech company over the years — including one that once made Steve Jobs dance.

Check out his appropriately smoky macOS High Sierra song below.

Other songs Mann created about Apple over the years include one centered on the “Antennagate” incident that hit the iPhone 4 and another based on the iOS autocomplete function. He’s also penned a Siri duet and an ode to Craig Federighi (which I still occasionally find myself humming).

Mann even once got commissioned by Steve Wozniak’s family to write a song about Woz to celebrate the Apple co-founder’s birthday.

macOS High Sierra debuted Monday at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference alongside watchOS 4, the “seriously badass” iMac Pro, the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and iOS 11, which brings big UI changes, smarter Siri and more.

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