Microsoft is stealing the iOS Control Center for Windows 10


Control Center in Windows 10 looks very familiar.
Photo: Windows Central

As part of some big improvements coming to Windows 10, Microsoft is stealing the iOS Control Center to give users a quick and easy way of changing display brightness and toggling settings from the desktop.

Unlike Apple’s Control Center, however, Microsoft’s will be customizable.

Introduced with iOS 7, the Control Center provides instant access to useful functions from the Home screen. You can use it to active the LED flashlight, toggle features like Do Not Disturb and Night Shift, and to control display brightness and media playback.

Apple is yet to bring Control Center to the desktop in macOS — though you can get similar functionality from third-party applications — but Microsoft will.

In a screenshot published on its Windows Blog, Microsoft previewed the new Control Center that can be accessed by clicking the “settings cog” in the system tray. It contains many of the toggles already found in Windows 10’s Action Center today, plus some additional features.

The screenshot was later removed by Microsoft, but not before Windows Central was able to grab a copy of it. The site was also able to obtain some more information about the upcoming feature.

“In the screenshot above, you can see that Control Center basically does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing the user to control system actions,” it explains.

“The Control Center is entirely customizable, allowing the user to change what shows up there, with additional options that allow you to reorganize some of the settings to your liking.”

It’s thought Microsoft’s intention is to remove Quick Actions from the Notification Center so that it serves purely as a Notification Center. Some of the default functions of Control Center will be the ability to change display brightness, toggle Wi-Fi, and activate battery saver mode.

Control Center will also provide useful shortcuts to other settings menus for things like networking, as well as the overall Control Panel.

It is believed these changes will come with Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update, but of course, they are not finalized yet. Just like anything Microsoft rolls out to testers, there’s a chance it will change significantly or be scrapped entirely before the update goes public.

  • David Clements

    This is hardly stealing … Android has had a ‘control’ pull down for years. Does that mean MS is stealing it from them rather than Apple? I really don’t understand how a quick menu like this is something that can be considered an ‘idea’ anyway. It’s hardly revolutionary or unique. Before phones, there’s been popup control panels of all kinds. Warrant a whole article on an Apple site? I don’t think so. Then again, I do like Windows 10, so I don’t mind news like this in some respects. I still prefer Apple’s products but I just can’t see how this is ‘stealing’ in any way.

    • Pablo Rossi

      I completely agree!

    • Vinz

      It’s CultOfMac, what do you expect?

      • Fabio

        You stoled words from my keyboard, i was typing exactely that

    • Steve__S

      While I agree it’s not really stealing, the concept didn’t come from Android either. There were apps on the Cydia market doing this before Google as well. In fact, the iOS version came from one of these hacks.

      • danleon950410

        The concept was already snuck in Android’s NC in early 2012 android versions. Then jailbreakers came. Doesn’t make it Apple’s idea and/or property IN.ANY.WAY let alone putting it at the bottom of the screen.

        This article, the title, and a lot more makes absolutely no case against MS.

      • Steve__S

        I didn’t attribute this feature to Apple. I merely cited an example of prior art. It didn’t originate with Android either as the previous poster has suggested. That was the point of my post.

  • danleon950410


    Your articles have been nothing but shameful, unrational, absurd fanatism ranting that fills as many pages as you need to, stretched in ways so “fantastic” that if human imagination had a face it would surely be yours.
    You lack facts, you lack reason you lack everything from professionalism to journalist skill and then you give us some very poetic gems like “STOP WHINING:APPLE AIRPODS ARE CHEAP AF” and now this.
    You’re the first person that caused me to unsubscribe from a site, i’m freaking out

  • glasscut

    Yeah, and literally ALL the features on the iPhone after iOS 5 was basically ripped from Android.. I don’t know why this article even exists.. you’ve got to be kidding me.. I wonder if the person that wrote this article has ever used an android phone.. I for one I am a tech enthusiast period I own both.. my first android phone was a G1 and iPhone 3G ( not Gs).. So just save it. I dare the writer to visit XDA developers and do some research before uttering such garbage.. Another thing anybody can sit there and make a case about this tech company copied their UI from etcetera, etcetera all day.. But if we are talking about rip off’s the current iOS features take the cake. You can basically say that Apple, Inc has a mole in the android world when it comes to U.I’s.. Gosh man.. cult of Mac.. do better. PLEASE do better.

  • jennyzeroo

    Apple created the flip up options and controls panel?


    I wonder what it’s like to have this extreme of a monotone thought process.

  • jennyzeroo

    They are smartphones.


    WHat is wrong with these people?

    Makes me embarrassed to own Apple products sometimes. Complete head cases.

  • jdsonice

    What else is new but knowing MS they will screw it up totally.