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These monochromatic Mac setups will grab you by the eyes [iSetups]


iSetups Episode 4 FI
This week's Mac setups all prove monochrome can easily stand out.
Photo: Powi Hart

For a Mac setup to stand out, it doesn’t need a ton of color. Take the picture above from Cult of Mac reader Powi Hart, for example. Everything in there is either white, black or silver — and it looks fantastic.

In fact, these white-and-black-themed Apple setups have got to be some of my favorites so far. Check out this week’s three iSetups submissions in the video below. iSetups is our new show that highlights the best Apple-centric setups submitted by our viewers. (You’ll also get plenty of tips and tricks for how you can improve your own setup.)

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Gugilelmo Costanti, law student

Mac Setups
This setup looks so clean it should be illegal.
Photo: Guglielmo Constanti

Law student Guglielmo Constanti has mastered the art of a simple setup. He’s got everything he could possibly need and has managed to avoid filling his desk with tech. The whole setup is super-clean, focusing on a black-and-white theme. There are, however, splashes of color thanks to the red iPhone and iPad cases and the LED lights mounted behind the display.

His main computer is a late 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. Guglielmo uses it for photo editing, writing and generally browsing the web. While he’s at home, it’s hooked up to a 27-inch Dell 2713h Quad HD display so he can see every little detail when editing his photos.

Either side are the Audio Engine A2+ speakers along with a Auna Linie subwoofer underneath. For his MacBook to be on level with his monitor, it is sitting on a Griffin Elevator stand. Underneath, you’ll also find his 64GB LTE iPad Air and an iPhone 7, both with (PRODUCT)RED cases. He’s using the Apple Magic Mouse 2 along with the Magic Keyboard 2, which both sit on a Perixx Gaming mouse mat.

At the back you can also see a GoPro Hero 5 — let us know what you use this for in the comments section, Guglielmo — as well as his AirPods, which are sitting on the black Apple Lightning dock.

I love the glossy table, which reflects those lights behind the screen and the minimalist look of the whole setup. Simple, yet effective.

If you’d like to pick up anything that’s featured in his setup, most of the products can be found here.

Powi Hart, music maestro 

Mac Setup
Powi’s music making monochrome setup is super slick.
Photo: Powi Hart

Next we’ve got a killer setup from Powi Hart of Poland. Powi is also running a black-and-white theme for his music-centric setup.

At the center is his late 2013 27-inch iMac. He uses it for = music production as he’s a vocalist, songwriter and producer. Either side of the iMac sit the Yamaha HS7 speakers, which are connected to a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface. Powi cleverly mounted the Scarlett underneath the desk to keep it out of sight yet easy to access.

On the screen, you may be able to recognize Logic Pro X, which is what he uses to make sweet, sweet music along with his iPad mini (which he uses for Logic Control).

I love all the black soundproofing panels on the walls. Not only do they have a purpose, they also look fantastic. Subtle LED lights frame them perfectly.

Under the Mac there’s an Alesis MIDI Keyboard along with a 7th gen iPod nano. If the setup wasn’t enough, Powi also has his own personal “iMuseum” displaying all of the Apple devices he’s used over the years.

I love the ways he’s framed each of them and turned them into art. At the bottom there is a custom shelf, which his brother made from an iPhone advertising stand.

There’s so much in Powi’s setup — check out this link to all the products I could find online.

Madhu Renduchintala, Photoshop wizard

Mac Setup
Madhu’s setup spans an entire room.
Photo: Madhu Renduchintala

Finally we’ve got Madhu Renduchintala, who uses his setup for creating marketing flyers and the occasional bit of video editing. His main workhorse is a 15-inch 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar with a whopping 1TB SSD.

It’s connected to two displays: First, an LG 27UD88 4K display, which I also own and love (you can check out my review of it). Second, a 27-inch Asus MX279H monitor. Madhu uses the three displays to have open all the apps he needs at all times.

On top of his MacBook and screen setup, Madhu also owns a 256GB 12.9-inch iPad Pro for when he’s not working or gaming on his MacBook.

While I love Madhu’s setup, I think a few small changes could make a big difference. Tucking away the wires would give the setup a much cleaner look. This can be fairly easily done using some adhesive cable clips that stick under the desk.

Also, depending on how Mandhu uses his three screens together, I think it makes more sense to have the two monitors next to each other, with the MacBook on one side. This would make it much easier to use the real estate and move windows between screens. Finally, I’d add some LED light strips behind the desk to make all of the tech stand out. I recommend the LIFX LED strips — they’re super-bright and colorful, plus they’re super easy to setup.

Overall, though, a great setup from Mandhu! Here’s a full list of products featured in his setup.

Show us your iSetup!

If you would like to submit your setup for possible showcase on iSetups, there are two ways to enter.

Submit a video

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  1. Your main computer
  2. Any additional computers you’re featuring
  3. What you use them for
  4. What phone you’re using and why you like it
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Submit photos

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  2. What do you use this computer for?
  3. Do you use any additional computers? If so, what models and why?
  4. What other features of your setup are you proud of?
  5. What phone are you currently using and why do you like it?

Send all submissions to with the subject line “iSetups submission.” Please include your name (and YouTube channel if applicable).

iSetups episodes will air the each and every Friday, so keep your submissions coming in!

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