BeatsX wireless earphones are finally available to buy


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Finally they're here!
Photo: Apple

Apple’s new BeatsX earphones are finally available for customers to buy, both in brick-and-mortar Apple stores and online.

The $149.95 earphones are available in four colors — black, white, gray and blue — although you’ll have to wait 7 to 10 business days to receive the latter two colors.

The new wireless earphones were announced way back at Apple’s September iPhone 7 keynote event. At the time, it was suggested that they would ship in November along with the wireless AirPods, which also rely on Apple’s W1 chip for their advanced wireless mojo. In the end, the AirPods arrived just in time for Christmas, but there was no sign of BeatsX.

The BeatsX headphones offer up to eight hours of battery life, although they can be juiced up for an additional two hours by way of a five-minute Fast Fuel charge via the Lightning port. They also offer an integrated microphone, more tactile and responsive RemoteTalk button, and are sweat-resistant.

My colleague Ste Smith will be back later today with a video on his initial impressions of the earphones. In the meantime, do you plan to buy a pair? Leave your comments below.

Source: Apple