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Get $150 off Beats Studio Pro headphones


Beats Studio Pro deal
Beats Studio Pro are the first wireless headphones from Apple or Beats to offer lossless audio via USB-C cable.
Photo: Apple

The excellent Beats Studio Pro noise-canceling headphones from Apple subsidiary Beats by Dre normally cost $349. But they’re often on sale. In fact, right now you can grab a nice Beats Studio Pro deal on Amazon or Best Buy — for a hair under $200.

EarFun’s first over-ear headphones break new ground on value [Review] ★★★★★


EarFun Wave Pro headphones★★★★★
EarFun Wave Pro headphones have great features, sound quality, noise cancellation and battery life for the money ($80).
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

Listening to music through EarFun’s first over-ear headphones — EarFun Wave Pro, released Monday — I almost couldn’t believe the high quality sound and wonderful comfort they offer. That’s why I give the set 5 stars in this EarFun Wave Pro headphones review.

It’s flat-out astonishing that someone can offer this level of audio quality, noise cancellation, comfort and battery life for $80.

With AirPods Max rarely marked down much from their lofty $549 price, you have to wonder why people spend that much, or even $300, for a great set of cans.

Is the world ready for vacuum-tube wireless headphones?


These new cans try to pub back some of the warmth and realism that digital compression takes away.
These new cans try to restore some of the warmth and realism that digital compression takes away.
Photo: Morpho MFG

This post’s headline sounds like a joke, invoking technology used in antique radios, TVs and amplifiers, but the wireless headphones behind it seem entirely serious.

“écoute: the world’s only vacuum tube headphones, designed to compensate for the deficiencies of digital listening,” say the Indiegogo and Kickstarter funding-campaign pages. The French word “écoute” translates to “listen” in English.

Score open-ear headphones with bone-conduction tech for just $25


Score pre-Prime Day savings on these open ear headphones with bone conduction technology, now only $25.
Get pre-Prime Day savings on these open-ear headphones, now just $24.97.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Everybody gets in the zone when it’s time to work out. Music is one great way to get there, but AirPods aren’t always the safest option if you’re biking or jogging on busy roadways. Audiophiles have been conditioned to think that earbuds are best when they drill sound waves directly into the ear, but these open-ear induction headphones are at the forefront of a new wave in personal audio.

During Deal Days, our version of Prime Day, Cult of Mac readers can get a pair of these innovative bone-conduction headphones for only $24.97 (regularly $79) with no coupon necessary. But you’ll have to move quickly, as this deal only lasts until July 14 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific!

Keep your ears free with these $34 bone-conduction headphones


Keep your ears free with these $34 open-ear induction headphones.
Hear your music without shutting out the world with these open ear headphones.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Whether it’s your streaming service, podcasts or playlists, customizing your personal soundscape has never been easier. These open-ear bone-conduction headphones let you hear the world around you while mixing in the audio you want to hear. Even better, they’re now only $33.99 (regularly $109).

World’s first lossless Wi-Fi headphones come from unexpected place


HED Unity lossless Wi-Fi headphones come with a hefty price tag -- $2,199.
HED Unity lossless Wi-Fi headphones come with a hefty price tag -- $2,199.
Photo: HED Technologies

Rumors swirled over the past few years that Sonos would take on Apple’s AirPods Max by releasing its first headphones, possibly with Wi-Fi in addition to Bluetooth. But a little-known Swiss startup has beaten both companies to the punch with a pricey new set of cans.

HED Technologies recently unveiled HED Unity, the world’s first wireless headphones to offer lossless, high-resolution audio streaming over a local Wi-Fi network at up to 24bit/96kHz.

These $34 induction headphones prove far more comfortable than earbuds


Listen to music without uncomfortable ear buds with more than half off these induction headphones.
Listen to music and the outside world with these top-rated, open-ear headphones, less than $34 now.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Wearing chunky over-ear headphones or finicky in-ear buds can become super-uncomfortable. The secret to comfortable listening for hours on end is with technologically advanced induction headphones, which don’t require sitting in your ear at all.

And right now, you can grab a pair of highly rated Open Ear Induction Stereo Wireless Headphones on sale for just $33.99. That’s more than half off the regular price of $109.

These new hi-res noise-canceling headphones go for just $180


Edifier's new premium cans use the LDAC codec, which should make them sound especially good with devices made for it.
Edifier's new premium cans use the LDAC codec, which should make them sound especially good with Android devices made for it.
Photo: Edifier

Edifier rolled out a new wireless over-ear set of headphones Tuesday — the WH950NB headset — providing another affordable alternative to high-end cans like Apple’s AirPods Max and products from the likes of Sony and Sennheiser.

Featuring active noise cancellation (ANC) and hi-res audio, Edifier’s premium headphones go for $180, a pretty low price for the feature set.

Affordable Edifier wireless ANC headphones get the basics right [Review] ★★★★☆


Want solid headphones without breaking the bank? Consider Edifier's W820NB.★★★★☆
Want solid headphones without breaking the bank? Consider Edifier's W820NB.
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

The Chinese company Edifier has been putting out affordable high-quality audio equipment for more than 25 years. I often find it hits the “high-value” button with many of its products, offering great sound and solid features at relatively low prices. The company seems to stake out that same territory with its W820NB ANC Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.

Edifier sent me a pair of the cans to try out. While they’re not likely to blow anybody away, they get the job done well, with quality sound, strong active noise cancellation and long battery life.

If you want good sound at a good price, they could be for you. But if you’re an exacting audiophile or on the hunt for luxury appointments, look elsewhere.

Soundcore Q45 headphones crush noise cancellation and battery life [Review] ★★★★


The new Soundcore Q45 headphones have strong noise cancellation and long battery life.★★★★
The new Soundcore Q45 headphones have strong noise cancellation and long battery life.
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

With Thursday’s release of the new Soundcore Space Q45 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones and sibling Space A40 earbuds, Soundcore began replacing its Life series of sound products. The company sent me both products to test. This review covers the Q45 cans (my A40 review will appear tomorrow).

I’ve spent a couple weeks with the Q45 over-ear, closed-back headphones. Soundcore pushes two main selling points: strong noise cancellation and long battery life. And with the Q45 headphones, the company has hit it out of the park on both counts.

And they sound good for the price, too.

New Sennheiser Momentum 4 headphones gun for AirPods Max


Sennheiser's new Momentum 4 ANC wireless headphones changed up their look and claim 60 hours of battery life.
Sennheiser's new Momentum 4 ANC wireless headphones changed up their look and claim 60 hours of battery life.
Photo: Sennheiser

Venerable audio brand Sennheiser rolled out its new Momentum 4 wireless over-ear headphones Tuesday. The successor to the much-liked Momentum 3 aims for the same high-end sound and comfort along with a more modern look.

The cans, which will compete with the likes of Sony’s top headphones and AirPods Max, also claim an impressive battery life of up to 60 hours.

Tiny Beats Studio Buds will hit ears near you on July 21 [Updated]


Apple preps Beats Studio Buds to compete against AirPods
Apple’s rival to its own AirPods are apparently just a month or so away.
Photo: 9to5Mac

It seems Apple can’t keep a lid on Beats Studio Buds. Celebrities keep getting photographed wearing the not-yet-announced in-ear wireless headphones, and now the launch date has leaked out.

They are still MIA for regular folks to buy. But since they showed up in yet another social media post by a famous athlete, Apple is seemingly playing a calculated long game when it comes to ramping up anticipation.

Save over half on premium Sony headphones [Deals]


Sony Accessories (Open Box) MAIN
These headphones are out of the box, brand new, and going for about half the new price.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Sony makes some of the best personal audio gear on the market, and it typically boasts a premium price tag to match. We rounded up open-box deals on the best Sony headphones models, so you can save a bunch of money on a great set of new cans. Each one is certified to be in new condition, either in retail packaging or totally repackaged.

Preorders for colorful Powerbeats Pro open Wednesday


Powerbeats Pro
These are all the colors Powerbeats Pro will be available in soon.
Photo: Beats

Apple’s Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones have been available in any color you want, as long as it’s black. That’s going to change later this week when pre-orders finally start for ivory, moss, and navy options.

This little adapter lets you use AirPods with almost anything


Add Bluetooth to your old iPod and more.
Photo: RHA

AirPods might just be the most convenient wireless headphones money can buy. But because they rely on Bluetooth, you can’t use them with everything. This little adapter from RHA hopes to change that.

The Wireless Flight Adapter plugs into any 3.5mm headphone jack to make it wireless. It’ll work with in-flight entertainment systems — as its name suggests — as well as the Nintendo Switch, TVs, old iPods, and more.

Sony’s answer to AirPods boasts one big advantage


But they’re not cheap.
Photo: Sony

Sony’s new wireless earbuds are ready to take on AirPods.

The horribly named WF-1000XM3 promise the same impressive audio quality as Sony’s best-selling headphones — but in an earbud form factor. And they boast one big advantage.

Here’s why you might want to avoid Apple’s hottest accessory and pick up these instead.

Are the Powerbeats Pro better than AirPods? [Review]


Powerbeat Pro in charging case
Order yours now!
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

Back in 2014 – long before the AirPods – I picked up what would become my go-to fitness earbuds – the PowerBeats2. A year and a half later, the AirPods came out, replacing my PowerBeats2 that were literally falling apart.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve been using my AirPods – both my first gen, and more recently, my second gen – in almost every situation. I use them all the time and carry them almost everywhere I go. But sometimes I hate my AirPods. No matter how simple and convenient they are, they insist on slipping just a little when I wear them while exercising. And if there’s any background noise or wind, even the loudest volume is inaudible while wearing the AirPods.

Even with those minor drawbacks, they were my favorite headphones. Then I got the new Powerbeats Pro.

Ridiculous modern offices fueled AirPods’ success


AirPods in ear
“Don’t talk to me, I’m wearing AirPods” said just about everyone who’s ever worked in an open office.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Open offices were supposed to get employees to interact with each other more, but a recent study shows it hasn’t worked out that way. Instead, workers have turned to AirPods to give themselves some privacy.

This has helped fuel the rise of wireless hearables, especially Apple’s.

New Logitech wireless headphones will really get you in the zone


Logitech Zone Wireless headphones will really put you in the zone.
Zone Wireless headphones' marquee features include active noise cancellation and Qi charging.
Photo: Logitech

Knowledge workers of the world, listen up! Logitech wants to solve your headphone problem. Actually, make that your headphones problem: The upcoming Logitech Wireless Zone headphones could replace the three types of headsets currently cluttering your desk in that oh-so-trendy open office.

Logitech’s pitch is that Zone Wireless will free you from juggling your omnipresent earbuds, the cushy noise-canceling headphones you brought from home, and that ugly headset your company’s IT department burdened you with.

These iPhone cases don’t make you choose between style and protection


Three layers of protection in five colors.
Photo: Altigo

Start-up companies often introduce themselves to the market with a single product. Accessories brand Altigo launched in November with a colorful line of sleek headphones and iPhone cases.

Now two months later at its first CES, Altigo debuts more mobile lifestyle accessories to its growing product line.