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Deadball Specialist HD For iPad Is Top Of Its League [Review]



As a big fan of the sport, I’ve played a lot of soccer games on the iPad – from full 3D soccer sims like Real Soccer, to little 2D 1-on-1 games. However the most addictive pick-up-and-play soccer game I’ve played so far is easily Deadball Specialist HD by Full Fat Productions Ltd, which pushes your finger flicking skills to the limit!

There are two ways to play the game – quick-fire and challenge mode. Quick-fire mode gives you 60 seconds to take as many free kicks as you can – getting the ball in to the back of the net will give you a few points, but to get a big high score, you’ll need to hit the target located within the goal for bonus points. Challenge mode will test out your finger flicking skills – you take five free kicks and you must get the ball around a wall of men in to the goal on the other side and beat the target score.

In its description, Deadball Specialist HD claims to be ‘the most addictive [soccer] game on the App Store,’ and I have to agree with that statement! Whether you spend hours playing against the clock to try and improve your high score or making your way through the levels in challenge mode, you’re guaranteed to be glued to your iPad with an addiction for this game. There is also the ability to look up and beat your friends’ high scores using the built-in OpenFeint network.

To help you beat the walls in challenge mode, Deadball Specialist features a great control system which allows you to add spin or curl to your shot. At first, the controls can be a little tricky to get used to, and you will hit plenty of balls in to the crowd, as I did. But with a bit of practice they’re easy to master.

As well as realistic sound effects, Deadball Specialist features fantastic 3D graphics, and bright, detailed environments that look great on the iPad’s big screen.

If you’re a soccer fan, or a fan of addictive games in general, this game will keep you entertained for hours. To celebrate the kick-off of the 2010 Fifa World Cup, Deadball Specialist HD has 50% off and can be found in the App Store here at $2.99.