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Real Madrid: Until the End shoots and misses [Apple TV+ review] ★★☆☆


The new three-part documentary debuts March on Apple TV+.★★☆☆
How do you tell an exciting sports story when there's not much going on?
Photo: Apple TV+

TV+ Review New Apple TV+ sports documentary Real Madrid: Until the End chronicles one of the world’s most popular football clubs during a treacherous 2021 and 2022 comeback season.

Missing their star striker, reuniting with an old coach, dealing with their best player’s injuries … there are many hurdles for the team to overcome. This three-part series won’t play particularly well for people who aren’t already invested in the fortunes of Real Madrid. But it proves fairly informative and entertaining even to the layman.

New Apple TV+ trailer showcases Real Madrid soccer club’s epic season


The new three-part documentary debuts March on Apple TV+.
The new three-part documentary debuts March on Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ kicked off an upcoming documentary series — Real Madrid: Until the End — with a trailer Wednesday. In it, soccer icon David Beckham raves about the famous Spanish soccer club’s remarkable 2021-2022 season. It was loaded with drama and plenty of come-from-behind victories on the way to the club taking the Champions League title.

The three-part documentary series premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, March 10.

T-Mobile gives customers free MLS Season Pass via Apple TV app


If you're an Apple TV+ subscriber and a T-Mobile customer, this deal saves you $79 ($99 for people not already signed up for Apple TV+).
If you're an Apple TV+ subscriber and a T-Mobile customer, this deal saves you $79 ($99 for people not already signed up for Apple TV+).
Photo: Apple

Cellular carrier T-Mobile said Tuesday it’s offering MLS Season Pass for free to every customer this soccer season. The pass is available by subscription via the Apple TV app on millions of devices, with many matches available on Apple TV+.

So if you’re a T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile customer, MLS Season Pass — the only way to watch all of the league’s live soccer matches this season — comes free when you sign up for it. See details below.

New Apple TV+ documentary trailer shows ominous ‘War for Football’


Will a war over big-time soccer tear the sport apart?
Will a war over big-time soccer tear the sport apart?
Photo: Apple TV+

A new documentary series is coming to Apple TV+ January 13 — Super League: The War for Football. Its trailer, dropped Wednesday, makes it look like a spy thriller filled with betrayals is currently unfolding in the world of international soccer.

And it’s good timing on the streaming service’s part, promoting it during the world’s most-popular sport’s biggest event, the World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo bought his teammates iMacs after getting red-carded


To be fair, he can probably afford it.
Photo: Антон Зайцев/Wikipedia CC

World renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo bought the entire Juventus squad iMacs after getting a red card in a 2018 Champions League match against Valencia.

The Portuguese superstar player was reduced to tears after being sent off for pulling the hair of defender Jeison Murillo. Although Juventus won the match 2-0, club rules stipulated by boss Massimiliano Allegri meant Ronaldo had to buy gifts for the rest of his team. Eventually he settled on iMacs.

Old-school cool: Ronaldo rocks iPod shuffle before soccer match


soccer star Ronaldo and his iPod Shuffle
An obsolete iPod shuffle hasn't hurt Ronaldo’s game.
Screenshot: Bleacher Report/Twitter

Soccer star Christiano Ronaldo is worth roughly $450 million. He has invested in a hotel chain, owns a $3 million sports car, lives in a $6 million house and has a lifetime deal with Nike worth a reported $1 billion.

But when it comes to listening to music, he’s fine with an iPod shuffle.

Apple teases Beats Studio3 headphones in a Neymar Jr. edition


Beats Studio3 Neymar Jr. edition
They’re “coming soon” to the Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

Apple today added a Neymar Jr. Custom Edition of the Beats Studio3 wireless headphones to its online store.

The headphones, which celebrate the soccer star’s 27th birthday, feature a black and white design inspired by São Paulo street graffiti, where Neymar first started playing soccer.

Cheer on your World Cup team with these stupid expensive custom iPhones


World Cup iphones
These World Cup iPhones don't come cheap.
Photo: Caviar

The World Cup is set to kick off one week from now in Russia and one of the country’s gaudiest iPhone modders has come out with a collection of custom gold iPhones to celebrate your favorite players.

Caviar is no stranger to super expensive iPhones, but their latest designs might have the most universal appeal. The new Football Legends collection features eight new designs that are dedicated to one modern football hero and the national team he plays for. By combining patterns from the players’ countries with Russian design elements, Caviar’s new iPhone X collection actually looks pretty cool.

Check em out:

Clips goes soccer mad with new World Cup update


We'd call it "football" but we don't want to start a war in the comments section.
Photo: Mxmystro/Flickr

Ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off on June 14, Apple has updated its Clips video app with a soccer-themed refresh.

The free apps allows users to combine video clips, photos and music into short videos that they can share with friends and family. To add some flair to these videos, it’s possible to utilize filters, emoji, stickers, captions and more. The new Clips update includes new soccer graphics.

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HEIF is the still-image version of the HVEC video format. Its main advantage for you and me is that photos saved in HEIF are roughly half the size of JPEGs, and of better quality.
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