Netflix gives birth to boy with smartphone brain


As long as it's not a Galaxy Note 7 stuck in his brain, he'll be OK!
Photo: Netflix

If you thought Black Mirror had the market cornered on stories about the dark side of technology, you’d better think again!

Netflix just released the official trailer for a new movie called iBoy and, as its name implies, there’s a certain tech connection. Check it out below:

The movie tells the story of a teenager named Tom, who is in love with a girl played by Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams. After an attack by a gang, Tom gets pieces of his smartphone embedded in his brain.

Predictably, the incident give him crazy superpowers that take augmented reality to the next level.

Torching your enemies inside their own car? Making lights explode simply by walking past them?

In iBoy, there’s an app for that.

Some variation of this premise has been around for aeons, but Netflix has a good reputation when it comes to picking winners. If iBoy can add some intelligent commentary about our reliance on smart devices or similar, this could be an interesting sci-fi flick.

We’ll know for sure January 27, when iBoy arrives on Netflix.

Via: The Verge