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Benedict Cumberbatch’s SNL toilet ad pokes fun at Apple


And it comes in Jet Black, too.
Photo: SNL

Whether it was Slack’s CEO last week or SNL this past weekend, it seems the world can’t go more than a few days without paying homage to an iconic piece of Apple marketing.

In a new sketch for Saturday Night Live, none other than Benedict Cumberbatch stepped up to the plate bowl to offer a take on a futuristic toilet ad, which looks suspiciously like Ridley Scott’s “1984” ad for the original Macintosh.

Check it out below.

And, just in case you’ve somehow never seen it, the original Mac ad:


Sure, “1984” parodies are pretty played out by this point, but given the star power involved it’s pretty funny. It’s also a great reminder that — much like the aforementioned Slack nod to Apple’s 1981 open letter to IBM — Apple’s been responsible for some incredibly memorable marketing over the years.

The fact that SNL thinks, with some justification, that an audience who largely weren’t even born when the ad they’re spoofing first appeared will still be familiar with it, speaks volumes.

Apple itself is not actually mentioned in the advert, which instead purports to be the brand Kohler (which promises a similarly Apple-esque ethos about “living on the leading edge of design and technology), but there’s no doubt where the commercial concept was borrowed from.

And if you were in any doubt, the toilet appears to come in a Jet Black color, for good measure.

As parodies go, it’s good natured stuff. But what would you expect from a Hollywood actor who uses his iPhone to record audition videos?

Via: Gizmodo