iPhone 7 may bid farewell to ugly antenna lines

iPhone 7 may bid farewell to ugly antenna lines


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Goodbye antenna bands!
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

The iPhone 7, set to arrive this September, is likely to ditch the ugly antenna bands which have hung around since 2014’s iPhone 6 — according to a new leaked image which has appeared online.

Check it out below:

Please welcome the iPhone 7. Allegedly.
Please welcome the iPhone 7. Allegedly.
Photo: Nowhereelse.fr

If Apple does get rid of its antenna bands, this could relate to a patent Apple filed earlier this year, describing the creation of a new composite material which looks like the anodized metal that iPhone cases are made out of, but allows wireless signals to more easily travel through.

The new iPhone 7 image also appears to show a slightly larger hole for the camera lens component than exists on current-generation iPhones. There have been plenty of rumors that the iPhone 7 may sport a dual-camera setup, similar to smartphones made by Chinese brands Lenovo, ZTE and Qiku. These began last spring, when Apple acquired Israeli-based LinX Imaging, which developed hardware and algorithms for a dual-lens camera capable of greatly improving image quality.

However, it is now thought that a duel-lens camera may be an exclusive for 2016’s top-tier iPhone, possibly the (somewhat confusingly-titled) rumored iPhone 7 Plus Pro. If so, that would explain why the duel-lens setup does not appear here.

There’s not much else that can be ascertained from looking at this image, including whether or not the iPhone 7 is likely to have its home button built into the display of the new handset.

iPhone users don’t have to wait until fall to see what Apple has planned for its iPhone line next, however. According to reports, Cupertino is set to unveil a new 4-inch “iPhone SE” at the company’s March 21 event one week from now. You can read everything we (think we) know about the company’s smaller-sized handset here.

Source: Nowhereelse.fr