Chinese couple sold 18-day old daughter for iPhone


Sorry, baby. Daddy needs an upgrade.
Photo: Tatsuo Yamashita/Flickr CC

A young man in China was found guilty of selling his 18-day old daughter in exchange for enough money to buy himself a new motorcycle and iPhone.

The 19 year-old man identified as ‘A Duan’ by local Chinese media reportedly found a buyer for his newborn through the popular messaging app QQ and negotiated the entire deal without the consent of the child’s biological mother.

Unfortunately this isn’t a story ripped from The Onion, nor is it the first time we’ve seen reports of crazy ones in China going to extreme lengths — like selling a kidney — to get their hands on the latest Apple products.

The sale took place in the city of Tong’an where A Duan negotiated the price up to $3,500 with the buyer who was seeking a child for his sister. Authorities say the newborn’s mother was under the age of consent when the child was conceived. When she found out that A Duan had sold it for an iPhone she was so distraught she left the city and wasn’t found for nearly a year until police tracked her down.

“I myself was adopted, and many in my hometown sell their children, because [they] can’t grow them,” the mother said, according to reports. “I really didn’t know it was illegal.”

Both the mom and dad have received jail sentences, though the judge was lenient on the penalties because he understood their poor economic circumstances had a huge influence on their decision. A Duan will serve three years in prison, while the mother only received a two and half year sentence.

Because neither parent is in a suitable situation to raise a child, the buyer is still raising the baby.

  • El_Prez

    Let’s not forget the motorcycle, it wasn’t just an iPhone.

    In China, daughters are not favored, sometimes to infanticide. A cultural element stretching back 2,000 years it is not strictly a result of 1-child policies.

    I don’t see that putting either of these people in jail serves any purpose though. They were just too dumb to sell the baby into established adoption channels.

    • freemdoom

      There is no such thing as “established adoption channels” for selling babies. it’s called child trafficking.

      • BusterH

        Right. You shouldn’t GET money for putting a kid up for adoption. If anything, you should have to pay a bit to help support the kid.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Um, they can SOMETIMES, depending on the situation, State, agency, the mother can get money to pay for medical bills, food, living expenses, etc. from the adopting parents. Yes, I’m sure iPhones and Motorcycles aren’t on the list, but again, it depends on the scenario what money the mother/parents can get from the adopting parents. Obviously, they didn’t go through the proper channels, which is what the real problem.

      • CelestialTerrestrial

        Really? Hmmmm. You’re actually wrong on that, there are places to adopt a child and it costs money to do that. Depending on what State you live in, the mother can get money to pay for many things like food/rent/medical costs, etc. Yeah, I’m sure a motorcycle and iPhone might not be typical items one would purchase, but the people adopting the child pay for a lot of various costs associated with it and the mother/parents can get money.

      • El_Prez

        How wonderfully naive! It may not be sanctioned, or legal, or ethical. But we all know it goes on. A “fee” of some sort is paid, perhaps in cash, and paperwork is done, and it’s all stamped and done. There are plenty of articles about this sort of thing going on in China. My point was, this young idiot made the mistake of trying to cut out the middlemen for a bigger fee. Again I don’t condone it, but “legit” international adoption without a doubt has money going under tables in a lot of places.

    • PB Grossman

      ——–let’s take him and cook him like they do with the cats……….

  • The_Dumb_Money

    Why was the mother sent to jail? It looks like it was done without her consent.

  • Lament the act if you want, but the fact is what happened is the absolute best thing that could’ve happened for this baby. Obviously, her Biological…host and doner won the Mega-Ball Jackpot in the extra chromosome lottery. Blessed with their extra-chromosome super powers, at least the judge had the common sense to leave the kid with somebody that actually wanted her.

    Things could’ve been way worse. The baby could have grown up only to find out that her biological parents trade her for an android powered BlackBerry.

  • Facts Appear Directly Below

    That was dumb. If he’d just waited a few years, the kid would have been on the production line building iPhones.