Do-it-all video editing app goes free, just in time for the Oscars


If you start work now, you'll be in line for "Best Picture" at next year's Academy Awards.
Photo: Appsolute Inc.

More and more videos are being shot on iPhones and iPads, and if you’re looking for a great video editing app to help you make the most out of your footage, you’ll find it with Videoshop — the ultra-popular movie editing app which currently carries a 4.5-star rating in the App Store, following more than 2,100 reviews.

The best news? Right now, it’s available for free, down from its usual price of $1.99.

Videoshop allows you to cut down your clips, augment them with background music and added sound effects, play with brightness levels, saturation, and slow-motion, and incorporate animated titles, voiceovers, and a variety of transitions into your movies — before sharing them on Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or by E-mail.

To download the app for free, you’ll have to open the Apple Store app on your iPhone, hit the “Featured” tab, scroll down to find the Videoshop logo under Apple’s “Pick up at an Apple Store today,” and then select, “Download now for free.”

Users outside the United States may also have to switch their country to the U.S. using the Account tab in the app.

The free giveaway lasts until March 10, after which the price is set to revert the couple of bucks you’ll usually have to pay for Videoshop. While that’s hardly a wallet-breaker, if you’re looking to experiment with iOS video editing, now’s the perfect time to do it!

Via: iPhonehacks

  • PDitty / Puffin P

    Um where did you find this app for free? Your instructions are anything but clear… When I click on the App Store app I am on the featured section but I do not see anything in the App Store that says “pick up at an Apple Store today”? The only categories listed are “best new apps”, “best new games”, “more games you might like”, “popular apps” “popular games”, “best new game updates”, “enhanced for 3D Touch”, “7 best supporting apps”, “blockbuster games” I am using the US version of the App Store which you claim in your article is where to find the app? Maybe it’s actually a UK thing? The app shows as $1.99 here in the US

  • Nyctravis

    Can’t find this anywhere. Don’t see a section called “pickup at an apple store today”

    • Luke Dormehl

      Are you using the Apple Store app, rather than the App Store one?

    • PDitty / Puffin P

      Yeah I had the same issue… Even started to post about how you find it then I read it closely and realized its in the Apple Store app not the App Store app… Big difference… Lol

  • yvrhnl

    FYI This app is available at the Canadian Apple Store.