Your iPhone can now alert you every time police kill someone in the U.S.


Archives sends push notifications when police kill someone.
Archives sends push notifications when police kill someone.
Photo: Josh Begley

Controversial coder and data artist Josh Begley is back with a new app called Archives that shines a light on the contentious issue of police violence that’s rocking the U.S.

Archives’ premise is simple: Every time cops kill someone in the United States, your iPhone receives a simple alert containing only the victim’s name.

Begley’s last app, MetaData+, had a similar theme, only it sent out push notifications every time the U.S. conducted a drone strike. That app took more than two years to get approved by App Store moderators due to its controversial nature.

While MetaData+ pulled drone-strike data from the U.K.’s Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Archives uses The Guardian’s Counted database, which tracks fatal police shootings in the United States.

Along with sending a notification, the Archives app plots on a map where the death took place.

If you had installed Archives at the beginning of the year, you already would have received 37 notifications for people who died at the hands of police.


  • Mark Hornigold

    Morbidly interesting app. *Notification ping* “ah there go the cops again!”

  • Dave

    Good thing this app doesn’t notify with every gang related death. Would it ever stop?

    • Marcus Garvey

      It would keep dinging…just like the cops. The interesting thing would be if they sent a notification every time a gang member went to jail for killing and whenever a cop went to jail for killing. The gap would be extraordinary.

      • Morey Ladini

        Chicago alone would cause stack overload.

      • Marcus Garvey

        Chicago isn’t even the most dangerous city. The right bring it up only because Obama lived there. All the fake care they have is hilarious.

  • Greg_the_Rugger

    I would have a higher regard for this “artist” if you could flip the switch in the app to send notification for every military personnel killed in service. Playing victim, while popular, doesn’t pay.

    • Marcus Garvey

      Why would you want to know that? They signed up for war so its apart of the job really. Not so for US citizens.

      • Greg_the_Rugger

        There are people who work towards a better world, and then there is you.

      • Marcus Garvey

        Look up the military industrial complex….soldiers aren’t making anything better. Just the fat cats pockets deeper.

  • Rick Ludwig

    How useful is it without knowing the situation in which it occurred?

    • Marcus Garvey

      Doesn’t really matter. Its an app that simply counts the incredibly high number of people killed by police.

      • Rick Ludwig

        It doesn’t matter if you place a cop killing armed criminals shooting civilians in the same bucket as a cop killing a kid who was speeding through the wrong neighborhood. Very different situations – and it matters.

      • LemonB

        You can’t debate logically with a fucktard.

  • Raava

    Interesting idea. Would be great if the app could inform the race of the person killed, at the same time.

  • Tim Dawes

    they should do one for every shooting death in America.

  • lcicenine

    I want an app that notifies me every time a black kills a black. That would be music to my ears. Blue Lives Matter!

  • HBTonly

    Too bad it’s not possible to do this objectively. The least they could do is add a “equal time” for victims of crime and police victims. Not every shooting/shooter is guilty/innocent.

  • youngoldbones .

    Pretty soon no one will sign up to be a police officer, what with the vilification they are receiving today. People died because the so-called “witnesses” in ferguson told bald faced lies, (believed and broadcast by a race baiting media) and later these same “witnesses” re-canted their lies, but went unprosecuted. Those lies have destroyed their community and have actually caused the deaths of people otherwise unrelated to that event. Forget the Police, Those liars have blood on their hands.