Apple will continue its reliance on Samsung for OLED iPhone displays


Upgrade to iPhone 6s for 3D Touch.
Apple is turning to its long-time frenemy for OLED displays.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

People who are hoping Apple will one day sever ties with Samsung as a supplier are likely to be sorely disappointed, as a new report states that Apple will be relying on OLED displays from Samsung Display when it makes the switch to OLED screens for future iPhones.

Samsung will reportedly not be the only company Apple leans on for the new displays, which could debut as early as 2017 with the iPhone 7s. LG Display is also likely to receive orders — since Apple can negotiate lower prices by not putting all its eggs in one supplier basket — but while LG will initially be the main supplier of small to medium-size OLED panels to Apple, Samsung’s role is expected to grow over time.

The report states that Samsung currently has better pricing for its OLED lineup compared with LG, and that the South Korean tech giant is investing heavily in its production line, which is set to expand capacity by 15,000 substrates a month.

Interestingly, another report this week states that Apple is investigating rival microLED technology at its own facility in Taiwan, although it is possible that this will be used for future Apple Watches, as opposed to iPhones.

Source: Digitimes