Apple just released an iPhone battery case, and it’s butt-ugly


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Apple's new smart case will keep your iPhone running for up to 25 hours. But at what cost?
Photo: Apple

Apple today unveiled a surprise new $99 iPhone “Smart Battery Case,” available in white and charcoal gray — designed to not only protect your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6, but also to give it considerably longer battery life.

While Apple does not give specific battery capacity details, it notes that the battery case offers increased talk time up to 25 hours, Internet use up to 18 hours on LTE, and video playback up to 20 hours.

The downside? Well, it’s not exactly a “looker.”

The case features soft microfibre lining on the inside, along with a soft elastomer hinge design to make it easy to slip the case on and off. The outside material is make of silicone.

When the Smart Battery Case is on, the intelligent battery status is displayed on the iPhone Lock screen and in Notification Centre, so that users know exactly how much charge is left on the device. The case supports Lightning accessories and also works with the iPhone Lightning Dock.

Personally, I’m not at all keen on the way that the external battery adds an extra “hump” to the iPhone, and would prefer something a bit more rugged and heavy duty that would keep the back of the device flush. Would wireless charging really have been too much to ask for? And where’s the iPhone 6s Plus version?

What do you think of Apple’s new Smart Battery Case? Will it be on your Christmas list this year? Leave your comments below.

Source: Apple

  • amcgrath

    Not sure why it has the hump on the back or holes to access buttons? Mophie cases work great and look much slicker.

    • DR234

      The hump is the extra battery. The only holes are on the volume rocker which is the only “button” then mic, speaker, lighting, camera, and headphones. Volume rocker and lock are both covered. Also mophies are over 100 for really cheap plastic and they last like 3 months and have zero support or replacement.

    • igorsky

      You think Mophie’s cases look better? Wow. To each his own, I guess.

    • c_hack

      Mophie is probably a bad example, but most iPhone battery cases are under $50 and have more capacity than this ugly Apple case. As far as cheap goes, the Apple case is just cheap silicone that cost them a few cents. It gets discolored, dirty and attracts dust like crazy.

      I was not expecting something this ugly from Apple. However, it being way overpriced is not a surprise.

  • “Where is the iPhone 6s Plus version”? You don’t need one, it has a much bigger battery than the regular 6s.

    • Luke Dormehl

      That’s true, but I still find that a heavy day of usage means mine is running out of battery by late afternoon.

      • johnnygoodface

        I agree: almost always over 60% by the end of the day on the 6s+

  • UZ

    So it’s come to this. We’ve designed a beautiful, thin phone that has really poor battery life, but don’t worry, we’ve also designed a truly ugly cover that extends the battery life.

    At the very least it should not have been a hump, but rather shaped like the MacBook battery towards the edges.

    • Eurocratique

      I fear this gives them a response to people when the next phone comes out and even thinner. Now Apple’s PR people will say “Well, 80% are happy. If you’re not we offer this battery pack’. Yuck.

      Also makes it more profitable for Apple – instead of selling the phone with a bigger battery they can now make EVEN more money by basically adding 15% to the cost an iPhone!

      • rogifan

        Nobody is forced to buy it. Sometimes I think Apple half-asses accessories to keep a vibrant 3rd party accessory business alive. They make their stuff either more expensive or less desireable. Enough people will still buy it to make it worthwhile but it won’t put accessory makers out of business.

      • Eurocratique

        Sure you’re not forced, but basically they’re designing out the required battery capacity. if they reduce the price of the iPhone to reflect that, this would be fair.

      • rogifan

        Required battery capacity for what?

    • Richard Ludwig

      The iPhone may not have the best battery life, but it hardly has poor battery life (and not even close to ‘really poor’).

      Like everybody else, I’m all about more battery life, but I can hardly judge it by my desire to use it heavily every day for a week (streaming videos, gaming, taking video/pictures, web) and expect it to still have 30% battery life.

      • UZ

        Get sarcasm.

  • Justin Berkovi

    The iPhone case of Notre Dame!

  • I’ve never had an issue with battery life, but I know plenty of people complain about it. Does this count as an admission that there is a problem? Or is it just to address heavy users? And I’m not on the “thinner is better” bandwagon, but this design is just gross. Mophie looks like a much better option. Curious why they wouldn’t use induction charging if they’re already adding that much bulk. I don’t need it, but if it charged wirelessly I’d probably get one.

  • Chris Walston

    How does a company thats main focus is on design, create such a ugly case?

  • bdkennedy11

    Their case design team just needs to be fired.

  • Arnold Ziffel

    OK, folks, you want greater battery life, and there’s only one way to make significant improvement – add a larger battery.

  • MWinNYC

    This is hideously ugly!!!! Can’t beleve Apple would put their logo on it, let alone market it and sell it . . . Wait a minute, is this a joke posted by Cult of Android?

  • Santastico

    Is that a Camel case? Why Apple? Why????

  • okamiokami

    This is probably the least Apple-Like accessory in a years. It is even worse than iPhone 5c’s case.
    Apple showed us with the new MacBook that batteries can be tailor-made to almost any shape.
    It is baffling that they chose to market a “Hunchback of Notre-Dame”-style attachment designed by an intern in 20 minutes for a thin, beautiful phone.

  • I had to click on the Source link to believe it’s not a joke.

  • psychobueller

    It looks like an iPhone 6 swallowed an iPhone 4.

    • johnnygoodface

      LOL!!!! Love the way you see things!!!

  • DarkxPunk

    So I saw this and scrolled by going, oh just another ugly battery case Cult of Mac is advertising, then I realized that this is an official apple case… Dear god…

  • Jamie Pettus

    I guess I”m the only one who likes it…I don’t think it’s ugly at all!

  • Dennis Guilder

    I don’t see why so many people find this case ugly. I haven’t actually held one in my hands, but I think the humped design is actually preferable to a curved back (such as the Mophie caes) because it makes it much easier to hold the phone in your hands. For me, the Mophie case was always way too slippery and my iPhone 5 actually slipped out of my hands once when it was in the Mophie case, and the case didn’t protect the screen from breaking. It looks like the Apple iPhone case will add some much needed grip to the very sleek iPhone 6s.