Jobs would’ve despised this BlackBerry-inspired iPhone concept


Steve Jobs
Yep, I somehow don't see this concept meeting with Steve's approval.
Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

The Apple-watching world just about blew a gasket when the Apple Pencil was first announced for the iPad, given Steve Jobs’ famous assessment that, “If you see a stylus, [Apple engineers] blew it!”

With that in mind, how would people react if the next iPhone went again Jobs’ wishes by taking a note out of BlackBerry’s playbook and included a physical keyboard as part of the handset? Not too well, we’re guessing, but you can make up your own mind about whether or not it would be a good thing or not by checking out the below concept video.

(Hint: it isn’t a good thing.)

While the chances of Apple incorporating a physical keyboard into a future iPhone are pretty much nil, we do know that Apple has at least investigated physical iPhone accessories being built into future handsets — most notably a patent for a pop-out joystick under the Home button — although I don’t expect us to see those any time soon, either.

Would you like to see Apple turn its next iPhone into a quasi-BlackBerry? And why not? Leave your comments below.