Wacom’s Bamboo Fineline stylus delivers precision on the cheap


Bamboo Fineline Stylus 1
Wacom is phasing this model out, but it's still a great product.
Photo: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

Best List: Bamboo Fineline 1 stylus by Wacom

Wacom is to graphics tablets what Kleenex is to facial tissues, so it’s no surprise that the company knows its way around a stylus. And the original version of the Bamboo Fineline is a great entry point for those looking to start drawing, sketching, and taking notes on their iPads.

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Sure, the company is phasing this version out in favor of the updated Fineline 2, but that only means that you can pick up the still-really-good original for super cheap. I grabbed one for about $30, half the price of the new one, and I love using it with my iPad Air 2 to sketch out plans for home projects and quick notes without leaving a bunch of scraps of paper everywhere. It connects via Bluetooth, so in addition to the precision tip, I also get some functionality from its single, well placed button, which different apps let you program to erase, undo, redo, etc.

Of course, Wacom has its own app to go along with its stylus: Bamboo Paper. But the box also contains a reference sheet of about a dozen other apps that are set up for compatibility. This includes art apps like ArtRage and Zen Brush, as well as more intensive design apps like Concepts.

Don’t get me wrong — this is far from the most amazing stylus available. But if you’re just looking for some precision and a quicker way to draw on your iPad, it’s hard to pass up that price point.

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