Snapchat gets a bunch of awesome new video effects


Snapchat just took the game to a new level.
Snapchat just took the game to a new level.
Photo: Snapchat

Videos on Snapchat are getting some new special effects today with a big update that adds ‘speed modifiers’ to the app’s toolset on both iOS and Android.

The new speed modifiers are basically video filters that allow snappers to add slo-mo, fast-forward, or rewind effects to a video. If you’re on an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus the update is even better, bringing 3D Touch support to the app for the first time.


The new 3D Touch features allow users to strong press on the Snapchat icon to bring up a shortcut to either start a chat with a friend, or add a friend.

Snapchat’s speed modifiers come just a month after the app added lenses that transform users into cyborgs, fish, rainbow puking cartoons and more. Adding more special effects features will allow users to get even more creative on the platform, which Snapchat hopes will translate into people tuning in longer and more often as it tries to attract more advertisers.

Via: TechCrunch