Rugged, great-sounding earbuds might outlive your iPhone


These earbuds are so rugged, you'll love them a long time.
These earbuds are so rugged, you'll love them a long time.
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Best List: AudioOHM RNF earbuds by GOgroove

My kids are constantly breaking their earbuds. Whether a pair of Apple’s pack-in EarPods or a $40 pair of neon green ‘buds from Best Buy, anything they use ends up with frayed and broken wires.

These ruggedized earbuds from GOgroove, however, withstood both teens — and I’m still able to use them. Plus? They sound really great for the price.

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Not only will the AudioOHM RNF earbuds last you a long, long time (thanks to reinforced cabling and seriously strong connectors), they sound pretty fantastic. Thanks to the premium 9mm speaker drivers and three sizes of interchangeable soft silicone ear gels, you’ll enjoy high-quality sound from these sweet earphones for years to come.

The RNFs are made with military-grade materials commonly found in body armor, which means they won’t fray or break no matter how many times you drop your connected iPhone while running or how roughly you stuff them into a bag on your way out the door.

There’s an in-line mic with a playback button on it, similar to Apple’s EarPods, that lets you use the RNF earbuds for your hands-free calling and music-pausing needs, too. The people I’ve called with this set of headphones all say the voice sound is as good as any other earphones I’ve used, some costing five times as much.

You also get a cool little round carrying case that you can slip onto your belt (no, just don’t) or slide onto a messenger bag strap so you can store the headphones easily. I use the case to stow the RNFs before I toss them into my backpack on the way to the gym or coffee shop.

Bottom line, these are some seriously solid earbuds that will end the constant cycle of earphone abuse that you’ve been visiting on weaker, more delicate sets. You can’t go wrong for $20, so head on over and buy yourself a pair today.

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