Jailbreak tweak brings 3D Touch to older iPhones. Kind of.


3D Touch is Apple's big new feature for the iPhone 6s.
Photo: Apple

3D Touch has been the most widely-praised feature of the iPhone 6s in its advance reviews, so it’s no great surprise that savvy jailbreakers would attempt to replicate the technology in older iPhones.

One attempt at this is a new free tweak called ForceTouchActivator, which tries to impersonate 3D Touch by using long presses to expand the functionality of your iPhone.

And as far as free tweaks go, it’s not a bad effort. Sort of.

ForceTouchActivator is available through the BigBoss repository in Cydia. Unlike 3D Touch, which requires new iPhone hardware to be built into the handset, this jailbreak works only on a software level, which means that what it offers is a vastly simplified version of what the iPhone 6s does.

You won’t get any of Apple’s new “Peek and Pop” functionality, but it does emulate 3D Touch by letting users carry out “Quick Actions” from the home screen by, for instance, doing a long touch to bring up a new email.

Unfortunately, only one long touch action is available at a time, although users can choose what that action is by visiting their Settings menu. Annoyingly, it’ll also work from anywhere, so that a long touch on a blank patch of screen will bring up a new email just as readily as a long tap on the Mail icon will.

For this reason ForceTouchActivator won’t be for everyone — but if you’re looking for a way to add a new type of shortcut to your iPhone, and aren’t ready to shell out money for an iPhone 6s, it’s maybe worth a download for jailbreakers.

Check out a video review below, courtesy of TechMe0ut:

Source: Redmond Pie