Here’s what people use their Apple Watch for


Not everybody who bought the Apple Watch is wearing it.
The Apple Watch sure is a versatile device.
Photo: Apple

Unlike many previous must-have tech gadgets, the Apple Watch doesn’t just have one killer app — but many. So what exactly do owners use their Watch for then, and how does this stack up against Apple’s stated goals for the device?

A new survey released by analysts at Wristly charts the usage of around 2,000 Apple Watch owners, and reveals a few intriguing insights into the most and least popular uses for Apple’s debut wearable device.

The conclusions? Checking the time and monitoring activity = Hot. Using it as a next-gen communication device = Not.


Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that listening to music and podcasts, or using the personal messaging options won’t catch on over time. It could well be that users have little interest in sending their heartbeats to one another, but all it will take is the arrival of one new Snapchat-style app to turn the Apple Watch into the Dick Tracy-like communicator we’ve always wanted. Or that tomorrow’s Apple TV refresh will suddenly transform the Watch into the perfect remote control.

Still, if you’re a developer looking to direct your focus into one type of app, Wristly’s survey is definitely interesting.

Are you an Apple Watch owner? If so, how does your usage of the device marry up with the above chart? Leave your comments below.

Via: Fortune

  • Christcentered

    I have had the Apple Watch since the day ir came out. I honestly agree with the chart above. I use it for some texting (mostly responding), checking calendar, battery, time (complications) on the modular watch face. I hardly use any other apps because of how looooong it takes to load. If the device were snappier like the S2 then I’d be using it a lot more.


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  • gferreroferri

    I actually use quite often the messaging so I was surprise by the results above

  • I use my Apple Watch to check the time and weather, and I use the timer a good bit with my kids. I also get email and other app notifications (specific apps, not all). Beyond that, I do use the Weather Underground app to get more weather details than the temp (on my watch face). I’d use it to check the news on the Flipboard app, if it were not so slow (hopefully WatchOS 2 will fix this). The other big use to responding to text Messages.

  • Alecio J Evangelista

    The only “killer app” to use on a watch would be one that tells me the time.

  • Jase1125

    I had it for awhile and sold it on Craigslist and made a few bucks. Honestly, I didn’t miss it when I forgot it at home. I only used it for meeting reminders (I have lots of meetings at work; nearly all I do). Ultimately, I found my fitbit charge HR was a better option for me. So far the Apple Watch was slow and there was nothing interesting about it considering the cost.

  • tralalalalalala50

    I mostly use the apple watch as a viewfinder for my iPhone when searching behind equipment or above hard to reach areas.

  • T-Diggity-Dawg-Yo

    I bought the Apple Watch the day it came out. I was super excited about all the neat things it can do. Now, several months later, I essentially just use it to check my incoming notifications and the time. I rarely text from it, unless my response is going to be a one word “yes” or “no” or some other response that the Watch recommends as a likely response. Speaking your text is inconvenient, especially while out in public (I guess maybe my wife and I’s conversations are too R rated for people to overhear?). I never ever check my glances and most every app takes way too long to load to make it worth using.

  • I had nearly zero expectations be uses I didn’t think the watch would be useful. But I received it as a gift. I use mine to keep me on track with my meetings. Crazy helpful but not overly annoying. I text from it often. And checking the time of course. I find that I take my phone out of my pocket less. The activity logger is cool. I find more and more reasons to use it and as new apps get developed in sure I will find more reasons to use it.

  • mahadragon

    The Apple Watch needs better alerts. It’s the one area Apple has consistently failed to nail. Android does a better job in this area. The new Olio watch does a great job in this area. Olio gives you all the weather, traffic, and other info at a glance in an easy to use package. The Apple Watch was tailor made for alerts, Ive and company has failed to capitalize on this. The best thing they can do at this point is look at the Olio and copy it.

  • Aver Smith Atom

    Wat OS runs in iWatch?