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Pay what you want to become a master of the world of WordPress [Deals]


Pay what you want to master Wordpress, the dominant platform in professional blogging
Pay what you want to master Wordpress, the dominant platform in professional blogging
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So you want to be a blogger. One way or another you’re going to have to reckon with the big cheese in blogging, WordPress. To get your arms around the subject, we’ve gathered a bundle of a dozen courses that cover the ins and outs of using the dominant platform in the blog-o-sphere, and the business of blogging itself. Even better, you can pay whatever you want for the whole shebang.

Here’s some of what’s included:

Become a WordPress Expert
Over 11 combined short courses, cover the basics to more up to advanced concepts for a deep understanding of WordPress’s various facets and features.

  • Cover 95% of the WordPress user-interface
  • Learn to select & customize commercial themes and integrate social media
  • Walk-throughs of sample sites using 6 popular theme families
  • Monetize your sites and study SEO techniques to get maximum traffic
  • Keep your site backed-up, secure and functioning at peak performance

How I Make $4000 Each Month Blogging
Under the tutelage of a seasoned instructor who’s generated over 3 million page views for his own site, learn to monetize your blog without spending a dime on promotion.

  • Choose a host provider, set up and monetize your WordPress blog
  • Learn to use YouTube as a revenue stream
  • Apply SEO techniques to boost traffic and submit your site to the search directory
  • Use giveaways to increase your audience
  • Generate revenue using affiliate programs

Learn WordPress by Building 2 Responsive Websites
This course will teach you to build a website with the assistance of free themes available online.

  • Learn how to acquire a strong domain name and set up a hosting account
  • Build two entire websites step by step
  • Go over how to use plugins and widgets
  • Integrate social features into your website
  • Learn how to implement Live Chat

Create a Native App for your WordPress Website in 8 days
This course will teach you to build native mobile apps and build audiences with zero coding experience.

  • Register to a hosting account and create a database
  • Download app software, configure and design your app
  • Add features like news sections and calendars and incorporate APIs
  • Create the app icon and
  • Register as a developer and publish your apps to app stores

Creating a Business Website with a Responsive Design
Learn how to build an optimized and responsive WordPress site for your business using the Genesis theme framework.

  • Use the Genesis theme framework on WordPress for future-proof, responsive design
  • Customize site visuals like headings and typography
  • Add widgets, icons and responsive sliders to your homepage
  • Use CSS to make your WordPress site more dynamic
  • Create contact forms, email subscription lists and more

Build Your Brand: Blogging, SEO, Social Media & Relationships
Learn how to craft a strong web presence by cultivating an audience for your WordPress and social media accounts.

  • Craft a strong web presence for yourself or your company
  • Learn web marketing fundamentals and brand yourself on social networks
  • Set up & increase SEO on your WordPress blog
  • Execute a strong online content strategy
  • Maximize traffic to your site

WishList Member & WordPress: Create a Membership Site
WishList Member is a widely-used plugin that turns your WordPress site into members-only subscription content, a great way to monetize your audience.

  • Make money from your content by charging monthly, per post, and others.
  • Protect your content from wide distribution
  • Collect email addresses to create a subscriber list
  • Create communities around your content
  • Provide a simple, robust payment gateway for the sale of digital product

Complete Web Developer Course: How to Build Websites and Make Money
This course offers real-world, practical knowledge for building websites without any coding background.

  • Master HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Build a personal blog, corporate website and magazine website
  • Learn fast, easy and practical ways to get started with coding
  • Understand how to gain income as a developer
  • Pursue strategic marketing with the flexibility coding provides

Talking With Clients – Creating a WordPress Website
Observe live communications between a web designer and client to understand the essential questions that should always be asked before initiating a project.

  • Understand the client’s elevator pitch: “who you are and what you do”
  • Select a web host and the connecting domain name
  • Define the website’s purpose
  • Learn to understand your target market
  • Assess previous design material and website competitors

Develop WordPress Sites and Earn Money With Affiliate Programs
This course covers setting up your blog, joining the best affiliate programs, and other practices to maximize your site’s chances of becoming lucrative.

  • Set up, configure security settings and easily navigate your WordPress
  • Learn about recommended affiliate programs
  • Implement different monetization techniques
  • Submit your site to search directories
  • Increase your WordPress’s chances of making money

WordPress eCommerce with WooCommerce
Learn how to set up your own WooCommerce shop — an ecommerce platform that allows users to easily sell their products or services on any WordPress site — and customize it with features like PayPal configuration.

  • Master WooCommerce in under 90 minutes
  • Add a shopping cart to your WordPress site to collect money for products and services
  • Easily navigate the Quick Start section, configure shopping page layouts, add products
  • Use advanced techniques like creating email templates, using CSS styling, and more
  • Enable site features like coupons and specific shipping options

Build a Money Making Website For Beginners: Work From Home
Create your own revenue generating site, from WordPress setup to search engine optimization.

  • Build a WordPress site to earn online income
  • Integrate ads without repelling visitors and fine tune your monetization strategy for niche sites
  • Utilize profitable affiliate programs like StudioPress, Amazon Associates, and more
  • Use Google Webmaster and Adsense as tools to drive traffic and revenue
  • Increase organic and direct search traffic with proven techniques

Pay whatever you want for all of the above and more at Cult of Mac Deals. Part of every dollar goes toward the good work being done by the good folks over at Creative Commons.


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