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Save 86% on the Mac app that analyzes and optimizes your Wi-Fi [Deals]



For many of us, when our Wi-Fi connection drops out it’s time to freak out. Whether you work from home or in a sprawling office, common things like fluorescent bulbs, microwaves, even an inconveniently placed wall can disrupt an internet connection at just the wrong moment. NetSpot Pro Wi-Fi Optimizer makes wandering into Wi-Fi dead zones a thing of the past by creating an accurate visual map of signal strength wherever you are, an invaluable tool for just $19.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

In ‘discover’ mode, you get a complete account of the strength of every Wi-Fi source within range of your MacBook, from wherever you’re sitting. ‘Survey’ mode is more detailed, visualizing Wi-Fi coverage over a map of your workspace using simple built-in tools. With the map of your signal landscape you can view all access points at once, ensure all hotspots are properly placed and working, and stay where the connection is strongest.

Why find yourself wondering where the Wi-Fi went when you can avoid dropped connections entirely? Check out NetSpot’s Wi-Fi Optimizer — at $19.99 it’s a full 86% off the regular price, which is a deal that won’t last long.