Numbskull thief takes identifying selfie while robbing an iPhone


May as well have sent a confession via iMessage.
Photo: Los Angeles Police Department

iPhone cameras are getting better and better all the time, with the upcoming iPhone 6s reportedly set to receive one of the bigger camera upgrades in recent memory.

While most of us are happy about this, we’re assuming the guy pictured above is cursing the day Apple decided to include a front-facing camera on its handsets — since it’s caught him in the act of robbing an iPhone, and now gives the police a perfect mugshot it can use for identification purposes.

The image is taken from a video which the thief in question recorded while robbing the device from a home in the Venice area of Los Angeles, as the iPhone’s owner and her two children were asleep.

Once the iPhone’s owner discovered the phone was missing, she was able to remotely access the video, and handed it over to police who are currently trying to identify the man.

It’s not clear from the news story whether the thief meant to record the video or not. If he did, he joins a long line of incredibly stupid thieves to snap themselves in selfies using their stolen devices, as these two rocket scientists idiotic iPad thieves did when they uploaded a video from a Burger King, showing off the cash, iPad and laptop they’d stolen from a person’s car — prior to their immediate arrest, of course.


If he didn’t, well… that’s an incredibly well-timed accidental camera activation.

iPhones have previously been linked to spikes in crime rates, although the Activation Lock feature has helped cut down on this.

Source: Associated Press