Asking Siri to charge your phone could one day save your life


siri exploit
"Siri, help me reach the emergency services."
Photo: Apple

From subtly dissing Rihanna to teaching you math with a Cookie Monster reference, Siri is packed full of offbeat Easter eggs. But here’s one that could actually one day prove useful, and even life-saving. Maybe.

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to phone the police but — for whatever reason — aren’t able to, asking Siri to “charge my phone 100 percent” will automatically dial emergency services. Neat, huh?

It’s not known whether this is a genuine feature added by Apple or a bug that could be resolved in a future iteration of iOS.

While users have a five-second window to cancel the call should they wish, we should point out that phoning emergency services for illegitimate reasons is a waste of police time, which could delay help to someone who genuinely needs it.

When it was reported that asking Siri about 9/11 had the unintended consequence of dialing 911, CBC reported a spate of unwanted hangup calls in Canada, which needlessly tied up police resources. “We are fortunate, so far, that there haven’t been real 911 emergencies where help has been delayed,” the police said in a statement. “Please, choose to be a good citizen and don’t ask Siri about 9/11.”

Users should take a similar message to heart here.

Have you found any oddball Siri Easter eggs? If so, leave them in the comments box below.

Source: The Verge