How to avoid fake iOS crash scam that wants to steal your cash


Give us your money, or the iPhone gets it!
Give us your money, or the iPhone gets it!
Photo: Cult of Mac

An iOS scam designed to cheat people out of money is being reported by users in both the United States and the U.K.

A number of iPhone and iPad users have received pop-up notifications on their devices informing them that iOS has crashed, that their personal data is being stolen by a third party, and that the only way to solve the problem is (surprise!) to pay between $19 and $80 for a fix.

Sounds legit. Where do we send our money?

The pop-up notification appears while people are using Safari. It reads: “Warning!! iOS Crash Report!!. Due to a third party application in your device, iOS is crashed. Contact Support for Immediate Fix.” That’s followed by a phone number, which is supposedly run by a group called “iOS Support,” claiming to be a “security provider” for Apple.

The scam was first reported in the United States late last year, although it seems to be making a comeback now. It is reminiscent of a similar scam in which Russian hackers locked people’s Apple devices and charged money to get them reactivated.

Fortunately, in the case of the “iOS Crash Report” scam, there is a simple solution users can follow to resolve the problem:

  • Set your device to Airplane Mode.
  • Delete your Safari data by going to Settings, then Safari, then Clear History and Website Data.
  • Open Safari and exit Airplane Mode.

Via: The Telegraph