Add the crucial skill of coding to your toolbelt with BaseRails now 92% off [Deals]



Learning to code is like learning a second language: it’s best done fully immersed and with expert guidance. Unlike learning a new language, there’s nothing like the nation of “Code-topia” to visit (yet) where you can learn among the native speakers. And unless you’re already in school for coding, it’s largely up to you to find your own teachers and classes. Luckily, BaseRails Ruby on Rails Training offers a comprehensive education in one of the top programming languages on the web, Ruby on Rails, straight to your computer (who knows what kind of virus shots you’d need to visit Code-topia anyway).

With BaseRails you learn by doing, creating real, live web applications over the span of seven courses and 30 hours of video lessons. You’ll master the art of coding for web by building a Yelp-like review site, a Craigslist-style rental site, an online marketplace site a’la Etsy (for buyers and sellers), and learn to make sense of massive reams of information by creating your own data scrapers. The sites you make will live on for you to tinker with and expand using BaseRails’s massive features library. Before long, you’ll have the mega-marketable skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to build your very own Ruby site from the ground up.

Learning to code can feel like a big challenge, but with good help it’s well within reach of anyone. BaseRails has a dedicated team of Code-topians (or the next best thing: expert coders) on call to help, plus you can interact and collaborate with fellow learners on BaseRails’s video discussion forums. And for the moment, cost is off the list of reasons not to try — a 2-year subscription to BaseRails is going for a whopping 92% off, at $29.00 from Cult of Mac Deals.

Bonus deal:
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