Will.i.am thinks the Apple Watch is weird


Will.i.am cheesin' with Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts at the Apple Watch unveiling.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Black Eyed Peas founder Will.i.Am has been an Apple fanboy for years, but when it comes to supporting Jony Ive’s new wearable, the singer thinks it’s just weird.

During a panel discussion at the Cannes Lions festival, Mr I.Am said he recently saw a man at the gym with an iPhone 6 strapped to his arm even though he was wearing an Apple Watch, and it just didn’t look right he told SaleForce CEO Marc Benioff.

“I went to work out and I was like, that s- -t is weird,” Will.i.am told Benioff. “The iPhone toppled everything, we totally changed our behavior, but something is going to happen to things you wear.”

If Will.i.am wants to talk about weird and worthless wearable gadgets, maybe he should go do some innovating on his Puls smartwatch/bangle that the Verge dubbed ‘the worst product’ of 2014. “The Puls feels like a Kickstarter project that never should have made it to product,” wrote Dan Seifert.

Will.i.am’s other tech innovations, like his ridiculously expensive iPhone camera attachment, should be further proof that the singer should never ever be allowed to give his opinions on technology in a serious public setting unless he’s the opening comedic act for a Microsoft product launch.

Apple invited Will.i.am to the public unveiling of the Apple Watch where he was seen taking in the product with new retail boss Angela Ahrendts. The singer had a long relationship with Beats’ Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre, promoting the company’s products in numerous music videos, but something tells me he might not be getting invites in the future.


Source: Page Six