Kids in one New York school spend 75% of the day on iPads


iPads have taken over this New York school.
Photo: Gail Robinson

A New York elementary school has taken the bold move of upgrading 75 percent of its third and fourth curriculum to iPad, meaning that students spend three-quarters of each day using their Apple tablets.

Jackson Avenue School is currently in its fifth year of a district initiative providing all students in grades 3-9 with iPads for digital learning.

Students have a playlist of education apps geared to their individual needs, while apps like Edmodo allow them to communicate more easily submit their work electronically to their teacher for quick review.

According to superintendent Michael Nagler, the rationale behind the Long Island school district going digital in 2010 was to help engage kids more in education. “Can you engage kids more, and through engagement can you build achievement?” Nadler says.

Personally, I think it’s a great move for schools to embrace digital learning using the iPad. Give the device’s enormous popularity among kids, it makes sense for Apple to push this market, which is exactly what it’s done by offering favorable rates to schools willing to adopt the iPad.

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Via: Apple Insider