Pixelmator's image editing app is now available for iPhone

Pixelmator’s image editing app is now available for iPhone


Your new photo studio.
Photo: Pixelmator

As one of the best Photoshop competitors on Mac and iPad, the superb photo editing tool Pixelmator is finally available for iPhone.

Promising to be more powerful than other iPhone image editing apps, Pixelmator’s universal app boasts support for layers, in-depth color adjustments, pro-level photo retouching, real-time photo warping, and even digital painting.

Check out a preview video below:

Of course, a lot of the app’s success is going to depend on how much users can — and want to — do on the small real estate of the iPhone. Even on a larger-size iPhone 6 Plus, the idea of carrying out full-on digital painting isn’t particularly tempting, although I can see this being a very useful tool for touching up pictures for social media.

Still, at just $5 for the app download (and a free upgrade if you already have Pixelmator for iPad) it’s a good addition to your iPhone’s toolkit if you’re someone who takes a lot of photos on their phone.

Source: iTunes