U.S.-China relations in good hands as Tim Cook meets with China's vice premier

U.S.-China relations in good hands as Tim Cook meets with China’s vice premier


Tim Cook is turning on the charm offensive. Photo: News.cn
Photo: Tim Cook

Tim Cook’s visiting Beijing at the moment and, when he’s not posting from popular micro-blogging network Weibo, he’s meeting with some pretty high-powered people.

Among them is Chinese vice premier Liu Yandong, who Cook met with on Tuesday to discuss how Apple can do more to promote scientific and educational cooperation between China and the United States.

Not being an elected official, Cook might not be the best person to speak with on the topic, but it’s certainly a welcome opportunity for Apple given its previous not-so-positive run-ins with the Chinese government.

Back in February, Apple was officially booted off the list of approved state purchases for the Chinese government, while the company has also been pressured to let China run network safety evaluations on all Apple products before they are imported into the country, as well as agreeing to move iCloud in China over to state-run servers.

Hopefully by stressing its commitment to building its brand in China, while applying investing in areas like Chinese and science and education innovation, as well as environmental schemes, Cook can build trust on the part of the Chinese government.

He apparently made the right impression in this meeting at least, as Liu reportedly “spoke highly of Apple’s business development in China and its active cooperation with China in science, technology, education and other fields.”

Cook also today visited the Elementary School at Communication University of China in Beijing to discuss innovation.

Source: Xinhuanet