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Apple plans to use free music samples to bring in subscribers


Apple has big ambitions for its new music streaming service.
Beats redesign could be unveiled at WWDC. Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

The days of free music streaming could be over if Apple gets its way, and its ready to make the transition smoother with Soundcloud-like free samples to go with its new streaming service.

Negotiations between Apple and music labels are still on-going for the new service that could launch as soon as WWDC, but according to a new report, Apple plans to offer listeners several ways to still play some music without paying for it.

Industry sources have told Recode that Apple plans to offer a free trial period that may range from one to three months, depending on how well negotiations go. Music owners will also be able to upload samplings of songs that users can listen to without purchasing a subscription.

The samples feature has been described by Recode’s sources as ‘something akin to SoundCloud.’ Apple’s not planning to provide free unlimited streaming though like Spotify and YouTube. During negotiations with music labels Apple has argued that free streaming won’t generate enough money for the industry and doesn’t give people an incentive to pay for subscriptions.

Apple will also release a new version of iTunes Radio that features stations programmed by humans, like BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe and his team of four top producers. Pricing for the service is expected to be around $9.99 per month, with the official debut happening at WWDC, if Apple can ink deals in time.

Source: Recode