Steve Jobs’ high school yearbook lands on eBay for $13,000


The luscious hair didn't last into the Apple years, unfortunately. Photo: Homestead High School


Have you always wanted to own a piece of Steve Jobs history, while also disposing of $13,000 in a hurry?

If so, you may be the perfect buyer for an eBay copy of the high school yearbook for Steve Jobs’ graduating class, in which the long-haired future Apple co-founder looks more on course to be voted “Most likely to start a progressive rock band” than “Most likely to become CEO of the world’s most valuable company.”

Carrying a Buy It Now price of $12,999.98 (or an opening bid value of $4,999.98), the book currently belongs to a fellow student at Homestead High School, who spoke with Cult of Mac about the sale.

The cover to Jobs’ high school yearbook

“My brother was friends with Jobs and I knew his sister Patty who was in my grade,” the seller explains. While he did not personally hang out with Jobs, one of his friends recalls Jobs goofing off in an electronics class they shared: a slightly ironic twist given Jobs’ later path through life.

“Jobs didn’t seem serious about the class and would clown around a lot,” seller bcwright77 says, noting that he is also listed in the yearbook under the freshman section.

Of course, if dropping the cost of an Apple Watch Edition on a single book isn’t happening, you might also be interested to hear about the (slightly) cheaper option of another Apple collectable: an ultra-rare 12ft x 4ft “Think Different” campaign poster featuring an iconic shot of Muhammad Ali.

As most Apple fans probably remember, Think Different was the ad campaign Jobs ran soon after returning to Apple in 1997, with the aim of revitalizing the Apple brand as opposed to selling specific products. The poster carries a Buy It Now price of $10,000, and appears to be gathering a growing number of interested watchers.

If you’ve got your heart set on a tech yearbook and you don’t have that kind of cash to splash, however, you could snap up Mark Zuckerberg’s high school yearbook for a mere $999, or Tim Cook’s 1982 Auburn University yearbook for a measly $18.85.

Now that’s what I call good value!

  • Mustang

    HHS is my school, they used that picture as the first thing during Freshmen Orientation. He and Woz are basically living legends, by far our coolest Alumni.

  • Steve

    I went to Cupetino Junior High around 1992. I had no idea until like last year that Steve Jobs also attended that school.

  • Ebay Seller

    If you really believe that it sold for $13,000 I have a bridge to sell you. Lots of “bogus” auctions on Ebay. If the seller pays the Final Value Fee and there is feedback from the buyer then it was a real sale, but there have been many copies of this book sold for $400-$800 over the years, and some recently, so doubt this is valid. Mind you $700 or $800 is still a lot for a 1970’s yearbook which had hundreds and hundreds printed and most of which still surivive (not like they went through World War II and the depression!!)